In Honor Of Grand Theft Auto V, Here's A Liberty City Walkathon

Grand Theft Auto V is official. And while it's not set in Liberty City, what better way to honour the game's announcement than by pounding the iconic digital city's virtual pavement.

YouTube user GermanScientistTV and pal Scotty decided to tour Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City on foot. The ensuing result (and footage) is hypnotic, amazing, and over six minutes long.

Thanks, Viktor for the tip!

Portal Rocked Out as a TV Theme Song by a Swedish Dude

Roomie is, according to his YouTube page, "a Swedish guy who makes music videos." He releases a new one every Tuesday.

This past week, he released a cover of "Still Alive". It sounds like an American TV theme song from the late 1980s or 1990s. I kind of like that.

Still Alive (Cover) - Ending song from Portal [YouTube]


    Is this two articles in one? GTA Walking tour, now with BONUS Portal Cover!

      If it's wrong, I don't want to be right.

      Maybe every Aus article could have a secret US article inside it?

    Hmm can never view the pic or vid embedded on the top of each article anymore?? (*_*)

      Yeah same, on iOS I cannot.
      Have to paste id Into YouTube.

    This video shows exactly what my problem is with the latest iterations of the GTA series, since going to HD and increasing the map sizes the cities have become no more (if anything they are less) bustling/realistic/life-like. Personally I feel that walking through the outback/deserts in Red Dead Redemption feels like it's more bustling and more life like than walking around a city in GTA4... The endless 'locked' buildings that GTA4 consists of just makes the whole city seem like a ghost town, you might as well have parkland in place of every building that is not accessible, I can have a lot more fun in a square of open space than an empty outline of a building can provide... I really hope GTAV aims to create a more immersive experience even if it comes at the cost of map/city size. RDR was so much more satisying than GTA IV.

      RDR used tricks such as DIRT and MORE DIRT to flesh out the world while allowing the buildings to be all unlocked, GTA is an entirely different thing. just sayin.

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