In Which Your Favourite Video Games Become Beautiful Cartoons

Artist Gobeur has a neat calling card: she takes video games, sometimes gritty, sometimes less gritty, and makes images in which it looks like there's an expensive cartoon based on them. Even though there's no such thing.

Some of the franchises she's worked her magic on include Gears of War, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect and Silent Hill. If those don't do it for you, there's Heavy Rain, Left 4 Dead, Fallout: New Vegas, Dragon Age and Metal Gear.

To see more of Gobeur's amazing stuff, head to her DeviantArt page, linked below. To see the work of a similar artist, Doubleleaf, head here.

Gobeur [DeviantArt]


    Artist must be a female. Theres no pics of chicks.

      Rad assumption, warcroft. You were on point with that awesome assumption, bro, keep it going stronger.

    Great artwork!
    And yes its a female artist, as stated in the second paragraph.

    Where are the rest of the frames? And the music? And the voice acting? And sound effects?

    I want to watch these cartoons damnit!

    I would pay money for prints of these. Especially the Garrus and sultry Marcus/Dom bromance pics. I love these *so* much.

    Feel a lot of Gonzo and studio bones influence, personally I always wanted some short stories for the assassins creed and mass effect franchises just like the halo legends and dante's inferno ones.

    Perhaps YOUR favourite games but I see a depressing lack of Deadly Premonition and Francis York Morgan that stops it from being MINE.

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