Is This Really 'The Most Anticipated Game In History?'

The official launch trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 went up sometime overnight, billing itself as "The Most Anticipated Game in History." And here is the singleplayer campaign the whole world has been waiting for, right? Right? Well, here it is anyway.

Makarov's causing all sorts of inconveniences and traffic tie-ups in London, Paris and New York, so it's up to you to get the morning commute back to normal — with badarse firepower.


    Oh dear. Trolling in 5..4..3..2..

      hahah, so true and so funny, I actually snorted into my coffee when i read that.

      Cause anyone with a difference of opinion MUST be trolling, right ?

        Of course not, silly. Pat and Tom below for example don't seem too excited but they're not trolling. But look at Trex who comes over to every single CoD article to say the same thing. Why read the articles?

    see it looks OK. But it still beckons instant boredom.

    Honestly a bit of a shame, seems like its very 'in' to be over call of duty. I definately am.

    So how many nukes will go off in this campaign then?

    To us who care heavily about gaming culture and who would comment on this website, no it's not the MOST anticipated game in history. But we need to take into account the gagillions of people who only have and only will play Call of Duty and I bet their sheer numbers could make it statistically the most anticipated game release.

      Yea I know what you're saying, makes me a little sad. It wouldn't be so bad if a lot of and I'm not saying all, the people I knew that fit into the "Only play COD" group consider themselves to be 'true' gamers, for lack of a better term.

      Arguing over consoles and immediately dismissing games that don't have heaps of action and guns in it. Just makes me mad, so yea, I am mad bro.

        I try not to get annoyed at people just because they like a game that I don't really like. However it does annoy me, like you said, when I recommend a game to someone and they dismiss it because it doesn't have guns.

        I've even had someone refuse to play Uncharted when I suggested it because it wasn't a real shooter...

        Anyway, the article: I'm not anticipating this game, but for those that like it you go right ahead.

    Duke Nukem Forever was the most anticipated game in history, too bad Gearbox turned it into shit.

      Dude, Gearbox didn't turn it into shit... It was already shit when it was put into their hands, 3D Realms turned it to shit.

      Gearbox just formed the shit into a lopsided pyramid and released it.

    Most anticipated game in history? Is this pay back for BF3's slogan 'Above and beyond the call'.
    MW3 is a static shooter stuck on rails, id rather get a real gun, go into one of those scary house rides at the fair and shoot the cardboard cutouts that pop out - this is more fun that MW3.

    "Most anticipated game in history" !!?? lol.
    I guess it all depends on your interpretation of "most anticipated" is.
    A lot of people have been anticipating Diablo 3 for a long long long time.
    Skyrim and BF3 have a lot of anticipation surrounding them.
    The reason this is "so anticipated" is cause Block Ops was so bad, and a lot of people just want to see if the CoD franchise has past its expiry date. After all this is CoD 8?

    Marketing says something and you consider that it might be literally true? Marketing isn't about truth, if they speak the truth it is by accident.

    The headline in the RSS made me think about skyrim. I think anticipation levels cant get too hyped if you releasea new skin/title every year like clockwork.

    Most people I know are more eager for elder scrolls.

      By the way. Thanks for mentioning Skyrim. Now I can't concentrate on my real life stuff today. Want very much.

    It does sound like a silly claim but I guess they're talking about the fact that CoD8 and CoD7 are the two best selling games in history.

    Sure, the games don't innovate but you can't argue with their blockbuster success.

    Didn't they used that tag line for MW2 and Blops?

    Star wars battlefront 3

    Sorry cod you loose!

      You know i dont knoe why they havnt made a new Battlefront 3 just becuase the original Dev Shutdown Dont mean a Reboot.

      if they made Battlefront 3 for the Nextbox and PS4 as launch titles they would make a MINT personally almost everyone i knoe has played Battlefront 1 or 2 and LOVED them.

      PLEASE Lucas arts get your butt in gear dont make another Force unleashed and get Battlefront 3 out to us

    MW3 pre-order numbers at my particular store 300+

    Skyrim orders at my store 8+

    yes that is the world we live in....

    Both get nearly the exactly amount of exposure instore...

    I don't think people anticipate it because they know whats coming

      thats pretty much every game released we know whats coming

        i guess "anticipated" means cant wait to play it

    If you dont like COD then DONT READ THE ARTICLES, we dont want to hear how jealous you are or how bored you are with battlefield 3 articles that you have to come here and start trolling.

      The youtube thumbnail reminded me of Battlefield. So it was my mistake yes.

      What is this, I don't even. Jealous? How can we be jealous of COD if we don't like it...Heck, how can you be jealous of a game at all?

      I don't really care about COD, I'm not even sure why I entered this post actually. It's the in thing for the general public to like COD, the in thing to dislike COD for people who consider themselves core gamers

      Dude you need some anxiety medication. Don't worry, MW3 probably won't be THAT bad...

    MW3 straight away reminds me of Homefront! I still remember first seeing the original Modern Warfare 1 video - that was awesome, this is not...

      yea MW1 reveal trailer I was totally "Homefront!! LOL"

    I don't really see how a CoD can be anticipated very much seeing as they come out every year.

    Activision is blatantly stealing ideas to keep their flailing game alive, and they're still so cocky about it.

    Battlefield 3 xbox 360 HD texture pack vs NON HD texture pack

      Thanks for the vid, bro, even though it is QUITE off topic.

        Looking at his name, you expected more?

    Same typical boring low quality crap from the Call of Duty franchise.

    The new Battlefield looks like it is going to be the best shooter to hit the market in a long time though, which is nice.

    I really hope MW3 performs horribly.

      I hope it bombs chronically and forces Activision to rethink their approach. That way, and we can only hope, that the CoD after MW3 will be fresh and much improved.

    yeah NO i dont even give a shit about this game and i knoe alot of people that feel the same way the sad thing is its going to sell 25 million units to 12 year olds. Batman Arkham city shits on this game

    battlefield 3 will be freakin awesome, although I dont mind cod games, jimquisition summed it up, theyre the die hard of games, theyre trashy and shallow, action movie cut scenes in the game are still plenty of fun, I like my games with some depth just as much as the next guy but some days I feel like playing point the crosshair and shoot this.

    I dont get why there is so much animosity between people bitching about mw3, bf3 and cs:go, kotaku's user base seems pretty feminine. Man up, we as gamers love our chunky games but sometimes its alright to have a beer and smash some cod with mates.

      And what's wrong with Die Hard?

      I bet you liked Cold Mountain then..?

        I said die hard was trashy and shallow, I never said I didnt like them, John Mclane is by far my favourite action hero

    Up against games like Zelda? Or Half Life? That is a very bold statement.

      I guess if they're basing it on pre-orders alone, then it makes sense. But is COD really that big in Japan that more people look forward to it than, say, a new Final Fantasy game or the next Zelda? If they were including Japan in this, I'm sure they'd get a different result.

    Eh kind of over COD. havent really noticed much of an improvement. Ive only noticed that since COD 4 its got spammier and spammier with each edition.

    Oh it'd sell by the bundle alright. But most will probably approach it with a sense of weary resignation rather than the sense of "ohmygodIamsoexcited!!!!!!" that this trailer seems to be expecting.

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