Is This Really 'The Most Anticipated Game In History?'

The official launch trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 went up sometime overnight, billing itself as "The Most Anticipated Game in History." And here is the singleplayer campaign the whole world has been waiting for, right? Right? Well, here it is anyway.

Makarov's causing all sorts of inconveniences and traffic tie-ups in London, Paris and New York, so it's up to you to get the morning commute back to normal — with badarse firepower.


    It is the most well/widely marketed video game in video game history.

    lol. most anticipated game in history my ass. there are such things as false advertising laws ya know. This kinda BS should be regulated and massively fined.

      Not really false advertising, just marketing hype. They aren't necessarily making a claim that is false. Amongst shooter fans this probably is the most anticipated games of all time.

    I personally got sick of the Call of Duty games after MW2. I really dont like the recycled graphics, animations (same reloading animations for all games since CoD4- Look at the M4 and M16) and tired of the same Voice Actors (Ghost, Gaz etc etc)

    Its the same game over and over again, even the multiplayer is recycled, same game modes since the original COD.

    Im honestly looking forward to BF3 more then MW3. And Im looking even more forward to Skyrim and Uncharted.

    To me Skyrim is my most anticipated game, as a huge Elder Scrolls fan (Since '94) just looks terrific! and we haven't had a Elder Scrolls game since 2006. Just makes it all the better!

    i swear the kotaku writers make these articles just to start flame wars.

      Actually, it's all Activision.

      Those very words appear at the eight-second mark in the video, so it's a legitimate question as to whether they can justify calling it that.

    The west has a bucketload of nuclear warheads, I can GUARANTEE you that if a country decided to invade a western country, they would find them selves in nuclear sh*t so deep they would never see the light of day.

    Funny, because I've barely heard anything about Running & Shootin' 9


    Its the same as the last 5 games, with minimal improvements to anything, "most anticipated" get fucked haha


    Skyward Sword is more anticipated than this game...

    "an·tic·i·pate  (n-ts-pt)
    v. an·tic·i·pat·ed, an·tic·i·pat·ing, an·tic·i·pates
    1. To feel or realize beforehand; foresee: hadn't anticipated the crowds at the zoo.
    2. To look forward to, especially with pleasure; expect: anticipated a pleasant hike in the country.
    3. To deal with beforehand; act so as to mitigate, nullify, or prevent: anticipated the storm by boarding up the windows.
    To think, speak, or write about a matter in advance.
    [Latin anticipre, anticipt-, to take before : ante-, ante- + capere, to take; see kap- in Indo-European roots.]
    Usage Note: Some people hold that anticipate is improperly used as a simple synonym for expect"

    Seems to me, that based on the definition of the word "anticipate", combined with preorders comparable only to a new Apple IP, that there is 100% justification in Activision's statement. The fact that this game will sell 20million copies, by following a proven formula, and will make more money than God, whilst risk-takers like LA Noire close their studios, means that it is "anticipated" by more gamers, games-journalists and games-website trolls than any other.

    Even by simply reading and commenting on this thread amongst the 3 million others about the game, you are "anticipating" it. But we wouldn't want to pay attention to facts- not when it allows us another reason to fan flames and beat impotently at the evil juggernaut. Artistic morality is a sickening sight.

    The game will sell an ass-tonne whether it receives a 5/10 or a 9/10. The perceived quality of the game itself by the hallowed readership of Kotaku et al, is irrelevent. The trifle will be, will it "merely" be 25mil that Black Ops has to date, or could it possibly crack 30? Either way Fat Bobby Kotick is making his bonus this year.

    sigh... I hope this game is so bad even the 10 year old 'gamers' find it terrible to play so we can expose an audience to the cavalcade of better content releasing this year, Batman, Gears 3, Uncharted, BF3, Skyrim, Saints Row etc etc

    Still $99.99 on steam... I'm not that hyped... to bad BF3 still not on steam, guess I'll play on empty BF:BC2 servers for a few months then...

    what i find funny is that its not the most anticipated game in history what about cod 45? By the logic of these people, no game will be as anticipated which is a flat out lie because we cant see the future.

    i just hope reviewers are more citically with the reviews, i made comment a couple of months ago that Bodycount was bagged for having a short campaign, crap MP and crap AI and recieved on average 5.5, while looking at CoD games with the same problem (short campaign, buggy MP etc) and it seems like non of it is accounted for in the final score. If it even comes close to how Batman AC does, i will be majorly pissed off

    and i'll still be playing minecraft.

    Once they decided to push a such a ridiculous story line this series was dead to me. You know, the story where one american soldier supposedly kills some Russian Civilians in an airport, whilst in the company of other terrorists gives Russia a legitimate excuse to launch an impossible airborne only assault/invasion on the US, one of if not the most powerful Nuclear Armed nation. Not only that they were successful!!! Remember the WW2 Allied forces Normandy Campaign people? Read up on how difficult that was, then try to imagine doing that with Airpower alone. Yeah if they like to cram this nonsense down peoples throats dont expect us to come back for more.

    Utter rubbish, Gameplay may be ok but your nonsense story just ruined it for me. Sorry Battlefield series is the only Modern Warefare simulator that matters to me now.

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