It Was A Party. A Dream Party.

Outside this year's Tokyo Dream Party, pesky cosplayers were getting in front of crazy cars. Inside, booth companions got in front of booths. The nerve!

Held in both Tokyo and Osaka, Dream Party is a bi-annual event for bishoujo (beautiful young girl) computer games.

Dream Party booths offered all the bishoujo nerd heroin (heroines?) you could want — if you're in the market for that sort of thing! There were hug pillows, figurines and computer games available for purchase.

Many of the games were adult titles, hence the random nipple here and the random nipple there.

Maybe at the next Dream Party, cosplayers and booth companions can clear a path as not to obstruct the view.

「DreamParty東京2011秋」出展ブース別まとめ []


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