It's A Shame Skyrim No Longer Has Chickens Spying On You

As games near release, the last of their bugs and kinks are ironed out. Some of those remaining are a pain in the arse, while others are hilarious. This Skyrim glitch is definitely the latter.

Chatting with PC Gamer about the game's "Radiant Story" technology, which alters side-quests to make them more involving, Bethesda's Todd Howard says that at one point the developers were having a little trouble with chickens.

PC Gamer: Can you think of anything you've seen Radiant Story do that's surprised you?

Todd Howard: Let's see… something that was good lately… but this was a bug—lately we realised that chickens were reporting crimes. I found that very funny. That was just last week: 'Why are we getting caught?' 'Oh, the CHICKENS are reporting the crimes!'

Modders, you know what to do: as soon as this game is released, you find those files, and you bring us back our Policeman Chickens.

Todd Howard on chickens reporting crimes in Skyrim [PC Gamer]


    It certainly sounds like..

    *Puts on Sunglasses*

    ...Bethesda ran a-fowl of their own creation!


    lol, let me guess there Lieutenant is the Colonel!

    It certainly sounds like..

    *Puts on Sunglasses*

    …a crime most fowl!


      Wow you used your real name for this post. I thought you might be too chicken to throw out a pun like that.

      Gimme a second, and I reckon I can *scratch* out a few more for you. I'd need a drumstick-roll for my efforts though.

        Don't egg him on.

          That effort was poultry by comparison.

          Leaving YOU with egg on your face.

          Just setting a good eggsample

    Well, at least the chickens are reporting crimes to the proper authorities rather than meting out vigilante justice like in Legend of Zelda.

      you, sir or madam, have just won my everlasting respect. and a cookie!

      True that

      You win.

    Just as long as they get rid of the "stolen item" glitch... (drop stolen item in front of guard, pick up item, "Thiiieeeeeefffff")

      I can't find the chicken joke anywhere, thxultra. I looked really hard!

        Coz I et it *Khajjit smiles with feather stuck in teeth*

    I've layed eggs more fearsome than you!

    Law Abiding Chickens?

    love the subtle photoshop of the imperial legion guard in the eye XD

    The Chickens. They are always watching.

    Sounds like the RAAF pilot simulator where somebody messed up the simulated wildlife meant to distract the pilots from other potential ground targets. It must have gotten weird when the kangaroos started firing at them with ground to air missiles.


    Must have been these chickens:

    No, they should leave that in. Crab armour and spy chickens would make this game a must have for me.

    Forsooth, methinks you are no ordinary talking chicken!

    Should leave that in.

    I do recall, in Oblivion, accidentally punching my horse in the middle of the countryside with nobody about and in the middle of nowhere. A few minutes later a guard runs up to me and tries to arrest me, despite the village (which I ran to) being about 2-3 minutes away.

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