It's Back! Scream Fortress Returns For A Third Halloween

The Horseless Headless Horsemann and Mann Manor will return for Team Fortress 2's annual "Scream Fortress" Halloween event. Triple H — the game's first boss — and the Manor, a special map, were introduced in last year's event. Valve says the update will arrive sometime next week.


    rofl, the entire article is a picture and the abstract. Gooooood work, Owen. Nice to see you bothered to put some effort in today.

    following the great master of laziness, the overlord luke plunkett

    Holy fuck this is considered an article?

    Oh the great gaming news from Kotaku US

    Everyone's an expert on the interweb

    Ok, I come onto this site for gaming news everyday. And everytime someone writes an article there is someone complaining about its lack of content. A news site is supposed to keep people UP TO DATE on current topics and events. When a news update is as simple as 'X game's release date its X/X/X' or 'X game gets bug fixing update', what kind of moron wants this information in the form of a three paragraph article!? It is still important news, it just clearly doesn't need a bunch of pointless text to sift through. I clicked on the article and got the information I wanted quickly and effectively, Thank you Kotaku.

    I love the vitriol that the US articles receive.

      Just the ones that are pure lazy.

    Shh people, think before you talk.
    Kotaku's job is to inform people about gaming so when things like this come out, just remember they're only doing what people want.
    Delivering news...

    Not every news article needs a monstrous amount of text. I mean what more would one say about this topic? It tells me everything I need to know. This is a blog, after all.

      Everything you need to know? Okay, what's 'Triple H'? If I didn't know I'd have no idea. Not to mention the last sentance talking about a map that was released last year arriving next week? Wha?

        Any moron that can put 2 and 2 together could figure out what Triple H is. The article starts with the words The Horseless Headless Horsemann. If someone couldn't figure that out, they probably could figure how to turn a PC on in the first place.

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