It's Boba Fett. As A Viking

Boba Fett is not a viking. He's a bounty hunter. But if he were a viking, he'd not only wear something like this helmet, but also have a truly magnificent beard.

Etsy seller Paul McCue created this wonder, called it "steampunk". I'll call it "awesome" and leave it there.

McCue's site also has steampunk takes on Stormtroppers and Darth Vadar as well as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

[kyoob [Esty via Technabob]


    Liked that? This should make your head explode then.

    Etsy not esty

    where do u buy these???

    Am I the only one not really impressed by these?

    He's gone and purchased the helmets then stuck on some rivet heads and then spray painted and sealed them. If he'd made them himself from scratch then yeah that'd be rad but otherwise it's kinda something one could knock out in a day.

      Should also add that bronze and rivets does not steampunk make.

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