It’s Canon: Alistair Became King In Dragon Age: Origins

It’s Canon: Alistair Became King In Dragon Age: Origins

At NYCC last weekend, BioWare was in attendance talking about the upcoming Dragon Age comic series, which will follow Alistair, Isabella, and Varric as they perform some sleuthing into Alistair’s past. Well then, that’s three of my favourite characters doing stuff that certainly sounds fun. I’d love to see how virginal Alistair and worldly Isabella get on in particular.

This comes courtesy of, who also shared that according to BioWare’s Mike Laidlaw, the “canon” version of the events from Dragon Age: Origins resulted with Alistair becoming king and, presumably, the grey warden from the first game sacrificing him or herself to kill the Archdemon. Though actually, perhaps there was another way? I’ve lost track of the possible endings.

A comic is fine, but I’m hoping that Alistair makes his way into Dragon Age 3. I missed that guy, and stupid Anders was no substitute.

NYCC ’11 – Details on New Dragon Age Comic Series []


  • Weird because the comic’s writer David Gaider, said it wasn’t canon.

    He said it was just easier to pick an ending to use for the comic, and that people should consider it a “What, if?” story.

    • Oops, that was actually Laidlaw with the What if thing.

      Still, this is an internal canon decided so things are easier to write. In a game series where things are up to the player, more or less, those choices remain their individual “canon”.

      • yeah most choice related canon things tends to show you the result, then say BUT ANYWAY moving on, so it all sort of ends up the same, with nuances of personality mixed in.

  • Yeah he did! I finished DA:O just this past weekend and that’s the path I took. Though I also chose to save my warden. If that’s what a “dark ritual” consists of, then I’m proud to be a blood mage.

  • “A comic is fine, but I’m hoping that Alistair makes his way into Dragon Age 3. I missed that guy, and stupid Anders was no substitute.”

    I completely agree. Alistair was the only reason my wife actually played the game. No one can resist his awkward charms.

  • Yeah how to alienate most of your fans… give them choice and then say there was actually only one answer.

    I guess for the comic they had to make some concessions but you think the writers could of ‘hid’ it a bit better. Similiar to what they did wit the ME novels where Shepard and events of the games are only touched on and in a very general sense.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOO, he has to die!

    It was very uncharacteristic of me to kill him as I was playing a ‘good’ playthrough and had tried to be buddies with him the whole time but he was such a whining little pansy he’d have made a terrible king. Then when he says he doesn’t want to and my other option was to kill him I just told him to harden the F$#@ up and take it like a man.

    Again, out of character for me but I’ll only be pushed so far!

  • Ack no, what is people’s obsession with needing an offcial canon! Alistair being King is the official canon for the comic, and only the comic. Unless they force feed Alistair into being your king on Dragon Age 3 (which is totally against the way Bioware usually likes to do things), it is purely a ‘what if’ and irrelevant to your individual canon.

    However, I should note I decided to make him King in the hopes it would amount to free stuff being given to me at some point in the future.

  • made alistair king, saved myself during final battle.

    then import the char to awakening….now that is fun

    can’t wait to see the showdown between my warden commander and my champion on dragon age 3

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