It’s Official: Xbox 360 Gets TV (In Australia Too!)

It’s Official: Xbox 360 Gets TV (In Australia Too!)

Following weeks of rumours and speculation, Microsoft today confirmed that they have teamed up with 40 TV and entertainment providers to bring shows to Xbox Live.

Here’s the full rundown of the partnerships (existing and new) for all countries. The list includes ABC iView, Crackle and SBS On Demand in Australia and will start hitting consoles this Christmas.

What we still don’t know, based on the single post on the Major Nelson blog post, is how exactly this content will show up on the console.

On their own blog, Verizon says the deal is in line with their business of “breaking down old technology boundaries to create a borderless world…

“We’ve announced that we are now collaborating with Microsoft to soon deliver a great selection of live, FiOS TV channels over the Xbox Entertainment System,” wrote Verizon’s Bobbi Henson. “What really makes this exciting is that this innovative, new service will integrate live, multi-channel streaming HD TV and Kinect voice and gesture commands via the Xbox.”

That certainly sounds like IPTV. In the US, Verizon says they plan to offer the service in time for Christmas to customers who subscribe to both FIOS TV, FIOS Internet and have an Xbox Live Gold membership. That’s a whole lotta subscriptions for one thing. More details from Verizon are promised as the launch date approaches.

“By bringing the technologically advanced Verizon FiOS TV service to Xbox 360 and Kinect, we are advancing our vision to provide the best in entertainment in extraordinary new ways,” said Tom Gibbons, corporate vice president of the TV & Service Business for the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. “Xbox 360 brings all your entertainment, friends and family together in one place, and we look forward to introducing Verizon FiOS TV to the console this holiday.”

Comcast, on their blog, says the content will be bringing to the Xbox 360 will essentially be what iPhone, iPad and PC owners can already access through the company’s Xfinity app. So basically on free on demand content.

Here’s the full list of international TV providers:

• ABC iView — Australia • AlloCiné — France, Germany, Spain, UK • Antena 3 — Spain • Astral Media’s Disney XD — Canada • AT&T** — US • BBC — UK • blinkbox — UK • Bravo — US • BSkyB** — UK • Canal+* — France, Spain • Channel 4 — UK • Channel 5 — UK • CinemaNow (Best Buy) — US • Comcast — US • Crackle — Australia, Canada, UK, US • Dailymotion — Available in 32 markets • EPIX — US • ESPN** — US • Facebook** — Available in all 35 Xbox LIVE markets • FOXTEL** — Australia • GolTV — Spain • HBO GO — US • Hulu — Japan • Hulu +**– US • iHeartRadio (Clear Channel) — US •** — UK, US • LOVEFiLM — Germany, UK • Manga Entertainment — US • Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment/Real Sports — Canada • MediaSet — Italy • MSN with — Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, UK • MUZU.TV — France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK • Netflix**– Canada, US • Rogers On Demand Online (RODO) — Canada • RTVE — Spain • SBS On Demand — Australia • Syfy — US • Telefonica — Spain • Televisa — Mexico • “The Today Show” — US • TELUS** — Canada • TMZ — US • Twitter** — Available in all 35 Xbox LIVE markets • UFC — Canada, US • Verizon — US • VEVO — Canada, UK, US • VimpelCom** — Russia • Vodafone Portugal** — Portugal • YouTube — Available in 22 markets • ZDF — Germany • Zune** — Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain

Xbox LIVE Gold membership and/or other subscriptions/fees required. ** Denotes existing partners on Xbox LIVE available today.

Xbox 360 Teams Up With Entertainment Leaders to Transform TV


  • Cool. Interesting to see where this goes. I’m only starting to stream content and I love it. So glad that M$ are going down this path.

    Just hope there is a fair amount if free content (ad supported). I’m happy with that.

  • Thinking of buying an Xbox – what’s the Foxtel service like on it? I know it’s streaming, so is it reliable? iView, etc looks rubbish on the PS3, so wondering if it’s any better than that?

    • Doesn’t iView depend on your connection? I’ve got mine set to max and it looks fine (not HD though) but it crawls a bit even on my cable connection.

    • Its actually brilliant, some excellent channels and content and at very cheap price with no lock in contracts like fetch or some other internet TV deals. My wife was against it at first but now shes clicking through catch up all the time (and she isnt to good with using stuff!).

  • Verizon says the deal is in line with their business of “breaking down old technology boundaries to create a borderless world… We would have said this in a video but it wouldn’t be available in your region”

    Until people start providing content without regional restriction, “differently legal” downloads are always going to be the superior alternative for the simple fact that you can get what you actually want.

  • For a moment there I thought XBox Live for Australia would be on par with XBox Live for the US for once. How silly of me.

    I’ll continue to use the iView, 7plus, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube widgets on my TV. Or, you know, my PC.

  • I dont see why the couldnt get 10, 7, 9 on and have ads that they make money on play as well? My guess is that ms wanted a piece of the pie.

  • Because in terms of computing power in comparison to the PS3, the Xbox 360 is as powerful as a TV set top box. This finally shows the Xbox’s true potential.


    • Im sure playtv was a seperate set top box for the ps3, what does that say about ps3’s computing power.

      • Also, PS3’s had ABC iView for ages, and none of the TV stuff requires PS+. That’s right, some companies give stuff out for free.

        • I remember The last time Sony gave away something for free….. Yeah my private information and credit card details, they gave em free to someone else. They also offered me free games and discounts if I paid a monthly fee, but then told me if I didn’t keep paying they would take the free games back…… Umm go figure…

          • Lol, ignorant kid. Sony didn’t give them, they were taken, and the same stunt actually can’t happen again given the changes made and the fact that only the latest firmware can access PSN. Just look at PS3 hack sites; new CFW is out, but none of it can access PSN at all.

            Funny how our service just doesn’t go down randomly via human error; PSN is reliable.

          • Ignorant kid??LOL. Dude look at you trolling this thread. Taken, given away the credit card info, it’s a joke, it’s sarcasm….PSN just doesn’t go down randomly, I’m on PSN and has gone down randomly several times and for weeks on end also which was due to a massive human error……. Keep up ya Sony damage control rants kid

          • Ah, finally someone catches on. Lol, I’m no fanboy, I game on everything; just figured this thread would be the perfect opportunity to bait some fanboys. Evidently, I’m a successful troll.

            Though to be perfectly fair, it doesn’t go down randomly due to human error. Only times it does go down is for maintenance, and that one hacking incident. Also if you want to speak of platform security, just keep this in mind: True, nothing is hackproof. If you want to laugh at how PSN took 5 years but was eventually hacked, Xbox Live didn’t even have five months before pirated games were possible and hacked game lobbies were showing up in popular games. PS3 doesn’t even have hacked game lobbies. In that sense, PSN is far more secure. I win.

          • PSN more secure……..LOL, you are blinded
            The only thing you win is the Annual fanboy award at Kotaku

          • “It’s free when you pay for them” Haha, I’m not blinded in the slightest. Show me proof (relevant, recent proof) of hackers making it onto PSN after the breach, because it doesn’t exist at all and is far more secure.

            Xbox always has hackers. Always. Check CoD. How can one claim that XBL users are more secure when the service relies on the terrible Windows Live ID system, that people can hack without even trying, and steal your account easily?

            Haha, you call Me blinded.

          • Haha, that’s not the case at all. Just because you suck ass doesn’t make the game full of hackers.

          • what rank do I have to be to unlock unlimited grenade launcher that fires like a machine gun, or the Reset everyones stats perk.

      • It also screams that the PS3 is superior, since PS3 can not only watch TV, but Record it in real-time. I’d like to see you do that on 360.


          • Not at all. I game far more than I watch TV. I’m only saying I can watch TV whenever I want, with more channels, without the internet and without subscription fees.

          • if you cant afford $1.50 a week there must be a problem, anyway its all good Chad Warden.

          • It’s not that people can’t afford it, it’s that people Shouldn’t Have To pay it. GOnly on Xbox: Pay for free stuff. For instance, ABC iView, that’s free on PC and PS3. Basic online play, free on EVERYTHING ELSE.

            Have fun paying $72 a year for stuff that’s actually free, you idiot.

          • hahaha I love the hardcore ps3 fanboy who clings to that fact constantly.

            I can’t say I’m stoked about paying the XBL annual service fee (which I NEVER pay $72 for! jesus christ boy learn2internet!) but if the only other option (on console) is to get a PS3 and use PSN…. yea I’ll stick with XBL haha

            You get what you pay for, and PSN doesn’t half the functionality XBL does.

          • Learn2internet? I actually took Black Dahlia’s figure and multiplied it by 52 (since he apparently pays $1.50 per week). Trust your fellow members to know how much they’re paying, huh? People are stupid.

            It’s not the only other option; you could make your way from the little leagues and get a PC and Steam.

            PSN is by far superior to XBL. You pay cash for necessities and the only extra you get is the ability to play in a party; pretty small in the scheme of things.

          • ABC will be free, it’s not behind gold.
            Quote from ABC “We’re excited to confirm that this will soon include Microsoft Xbox LIVE, subscription free.”

          • Learn to read the article beyond the title and first few sentences. I’ll put it here for you;

            *rest of list here*
            • YouTube — Available in 22 markets
            • ZDF — Germany
            • Zune** — Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain

            *Xbox LIVE Gold membership* and/or other subscriptions/fees *required*.

  • Looks like we over here in NZ are getting screwed over yet again by Micro soft, we have Zune but don’t even get all the movies that AUS gets, and 100% bet we won’t even get You tube Fucking sad MS

        • Because Kotaku won’t let me reply to your “that’s bad maths”, I’ll ask you why that is? You said you pay a dollar fifty a week. That makes 72 dollars every year. Get your own facts straight.. you’d think you’d know what you pay on such an inferior service.

          • makes me wonder about some of these stats your pulling out, are they part of your 48 weeks a year sony calendar.

          • Not at all. Though if you did the research instead of acting like a blind fanboy you’d know I’m right. Sad, isn’t it?

          • what research you muppet, its called a calculator, no matter how hard you try 1.50 x 52 will never equal 72

          • what do you know? I hit 2 instead of 8 when I replied. Doesn’t change the facts, though. You’re still paying shitloads for a free service.

            What research? Try looking at a few hack sites for both Xbox and PS3, and tell me which console can hack online? Or I’ll just do it for you and say that you can’t connect to PSN with a hacked PS3, but you can hack on Xbox Live. The funny thing is, you say Xbox Live is far more secure, despite the accounts being managed by the Windows Live ID system; where WLM accounts get jacked every other day. Not the safest place to store account information, is it?

            PSN is much more secure in that regard, stored actually On PSN. and since the previous hack cannot occur again in that way, it’ll remain much safer, too.

            Umad fanboy?

    • Precisely. Meanwhile on PlayTV, where you watch REAL TV for free (once you have the unit, obviously. No subscription charges or any of that shit), and not only does it not need the internet at all, you can record what you watch.

      Xbox is so inferior here.

      • playtv is around $160, thats 2 years xbox live subscription, why would anyone want that when its free on tv anyway? dunno if you’ve bought a tv recently but they all have built in (in new zealand) freeview which is basically what playtv does.

  • @ Pooriah: I’ve prestiged about 8 times now on xbox and never seen anything like whats happened on the dismal psn.

    • So you have no life on Xbox, and you paid to play the same game on another platform? How stupid can you get?

        • Sick of PSN bullshit? Lol, lets compare the two services;
          Xbox Live:
          Full of children
          pay for play
          games often have hacked lobbies/cheaters
          accounts get hacked and stolen

          Nowhere near as many kids
          Free to play, pay for additional benefits
          No hacked libbies/cheaters
          individual accounts do not get stolen

          Only time PSN had account details stolen was back early this year, never before and now never after. One resolved incident as opposed to Many, regularly-occuring ones. who knows, next month you’ll likely be gaming on a Wii.

  • And who pays for this “free” service?
    Not sony
    Its passed along to the publishers

    “While no one is willing to speak on the record, publishers are obviously not happy. “It definitely makes us think about how we view the distribution of content related to our games when it is free for us to do it on the web, on Xbox Live, or any other way—including broadcast—than on Sony’s platform,” a source told Multiplayer. “It’s a new thing we have to budget. It’s not cool. It sucks.””

    At the end of the day you get what you pay for

    • Lol, you’ve forgotten about PS+, but that didn’t exist when this old news was out.

      At the end of the day you get what you pay for? You’d know, paying for stuff that’s free on EVERYTHING ELSE. Pay nothing in Steam, yet you get shitloads of stuff. Pay nothing in PSN, you get shitloads of stuff. Pay on XBL, get online play.

      Pay Microsoft anything; get ripped off. You’re such an idiot.

      • crawl back under your rock troll, PS+ is a joke, why would anyone pay for the same crappy service when they can get it for free, im sure if you asked anyone who have played PSN and XBL (obviously you havent) they would all agree XBL is better, your just a blind biased fanboy

        • Just because I disagree with you doesn’t make me biased, stupid XBL fanboy.

          You evidently don’t know what PS+ is, or what it’s for. The idea behind it is that users get a fair amount of bonus stuff, such as full games, discounts etc. for the duration of their subscription. Anything they buy at discount is theirs to keep. And then you gain stuff like online savedata backup (something you don’t have. u jelly?)

          You gain that in addition to the essential basics, like online play, which You must pay for. That said, I find your choice of words to be quite interesting. Black Dahlia, why would You pay for a crappy service when you can get those features for free (on everything else but your poor excuse for a gaming platform)?

          Yes, I have actually used Xbox Live, and I’m yet to find One good reason to pay for stuff I can get for free. Care to give me one? And no, having the opportunity to play adult games with little boys and girls does not count.

    • Speaking of getting what you pay for; why is XBL far less secure if you pay shitloads?

      And this happens regularly despite MS’s attempts.

      PSN, on the other hand, has absolutely no hacks of any kind post-PSN-breach.

      You’re partially right. You get the bullshit you pay for. We pay nothing; we get no bullshit. You get it monthly.

  • I must say I agree with Pariah here, why should you pay for something that is free in the first place? Furthermore, why should we have to watch it over the internet which would cost us more money for our downloads when we can just use PlayTV through a cable?

    Also, PlayTV > Any Freeview built-in TV. I doubt the TV can record and even if it could it would need some sort of external storage.

      • I know PlayTV isn’t free, but it’s pretty cheap, especially in comparison to what you just presented.

        On that note, PlayTV is superior to the TV you presented, in that I’d rather just buy an addon, and then use my 500gb PS3 to playback and record on, rather than waste heaps of cash on another TV. Also, that’s disappointing? only 160gb?

        What you presented is moot.

      • I know the concept of a “good addon” is hard for you to grasp, having had to put up with HD-DVD and all.

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