Japanese English Versus Siri

Siri is not only miffed by Scottish English, it also doesn't follow English spoken with a Japanese accent.

"Work" and "walk" are notoriously difficult for Japanese speakers — largely because the Japanese loan word for "work" is "waaku" (ワーク). Japanese people are used to saying "waaku" for "work".

The gentlemen who recorded this video has a good accent and more patience than I.

Siri vs Japanese, Walk? Work? F**ck?" [Watashi to Tokyo]


    If they want to persevere with katakana English someone should tell them to say ウヲ-ク (u-wo-ku) for 'walk'

    Oh dear. Kinda amusing, he has a lot of patience to keep trying :P

    Holy shit a US editor acknowledged the presence of their Australian counterparts!

    Innovative, huh, markd? Its best addition can't even understand a large portion of its userbase.

    Whats really amusing is when Siri says "walk", I hear "work" as spoken in Japanese ("waaku"), so its like
    guy: work
    Siri: I dont understand work
    *cue dragonball-style raging*

    Siri is such a troll.

    It thinks he said Fuck lol.

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