Japanese Ghost Town Haunted By Old Nintendo Consoles

Japanese Ghost Town Haunted By Old Nintendo Consoles

Ghost towns aren’t just found in the western United States. They’re everywhere. Even Japan, where they’re slightly more interesting than usual, because they’ve got dirty old video games (and dirty old video cassettes).

Nichitsu was, like old American ghost towns, a settlement based on gold mining. Named after the company which owned the mines (and which is now known as Chisso, and supplies the liquid in liquid crystal displays), Nichitsu was inhabited from the 1930s up until the 1980s.

Once the mines ran dry in the late ’70s, people began clearing out, but they didn’t entirely clear out: they left a whole lot of junk behind, like hospital supplies, porn and Famicoms (complete with faded copy of Dragon Quest III still inserted, released in 1988, making this surely one of the last families to leave).

The photos here were taken by Ikusuki, Pablo, CaDs and Saralú, with the entire gallery at the link below.

Nichitsu Ghost Town [Kirai, via Tiny Cartridge]


  • Why would you pack up and leave your porn and your video games and all this other stuff? Were they being forcibly removed at gunpoint with a very stringent time limit imposed?

    • You’d think so, but dust is often caused by humans stirring it up. For example, I went on holidays for 5 weeks, came home and found less dust in my apartment than after 1 week of regular living (because of my heater blowing it around etc)…

  • “Family Computer”.

    Huh. I never twigged where the (odd) name Famicom came from. There you go.

    And off I go to discover fire 🙂

  • The picture of the school hall is crazy. I’ve spent months inside rooms that look exactly the same.

    Well… except for looking like they are from a horror movie.

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