Japanese Television Ruining Uncharted

Japanese Television Ruining Uncharted

Starting October 3 on late night television, TV Tokyo is broadcasting a new program to promote Uncharted 3. It will ruin the game’s prequel. Literally.

The show, dubbed UnchaTV, isn’t a live action drama, but the cutscenes from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves edited together into sixteen episodes. File this under either “spoilers” or “lazy”.

The total running time for all the episodes is around 64 minutes.

Besides the edited cutscenes, the show will feature actors (above) playing a young couple. The boyfriend loves Uncharted, but his girlfriend doesn’t play video games at all. The show is supposed to show how couples can enjoy Uncharted — which seems to be one person playing, and the other person watching.

That makes sense, I guess. Some people don’t like playing video games, but might enjoy watching Uncharted. But did Sony really have to edit together Uncharted 2‘s cutscenes?

『アンチャTV』はカップルが『アンチャーテッド』の魅力を伝えるリア充向け番組だそうです [Kotaku Japan]


  • Come watch this TV show that’s about a girl who watches a guy play video games but in reality they’re only ever watching cutscenes.

  • When I bought Shenmue 2 for my old xbox, it came with Shenmue: the movie on dvd which I believe received a theatrical release in Japan. It was also just shenmue one played end to end.

  • Xenosaga II had a DVD of Xenosaga I’s cut scenes edited into a movie that actually flowed pretty well. Though from all the fan feedback I’ve read, Xenosaga I was pretty much one big, long cutscene anyway.

    Actually, that would be a great experiment for a lot of modern games. Can you watch the cut scenes and non-interactive dialogue sections and still have the same experience? Yes? Maybe you need to rethink your game design.

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