Just Cause 3 Coming Next Year

According to a report in Xbox World magazine, Just Cause developers Avalanche will next year release a third game in the hit swarthy harpoon simulator series.

I know. You're probably as shocked as I am. A popular video game franchise getting a sequel! Unheard of.

Just Cause is just the kind of series that needs one. Both games released to date have been fun, the second especially, but have been lacking in much purpose and/or drive to do much beyond blowing things up for a few days before getting a little bored.

Might be a case of third time's a charm!

We've contacted Square Enix for comment, and will update if we hear back.

Just Cause 3 'set for 2012' - rumour [CVG]


    Hell Yeah! I loved both just causes and am now very excited to see what they add in the third one. Personally, I want some kind of multiplayer and/or co-op

      Agreed - either one would be good, also i'd like the opportunity to go stealth without getting swarmed by the military, maybe set the next one in Libya - or make it allegorical to the Libyan uprising.

    I would love to see some multiplayer.

    "but have been lacking in much purpose and/or drive to do much beyond blowing things up for a few days before getting a little bored"

    Pshh, Just Cause 2 is one of my most played games. It doesn't need any other purpose than to be balls-out fun! It's like asking for an 80's action flick to be Schindler's List. Each have their place and it's nowhere near each other. Some companies gotta mess with that though (Rockstar I'm looking at you)

    Sick of hearing how games need to be "more mature" and such. Every other medium is allowed to have trashy fun without issue so why can't videogames?

      Also, JC3 needs dual grapplehooks! :P

        No just chainable grappling.

    Multiplayer isn't required, a dial down on the large amount of repetitiveness that plagued the second game(dont know about the first), there was too much of the same and not enough crazy missions, missions such as the stronghold missions have to be omitted, and more attacking a compound, blowing up space rockets then stealing a jet to blow up the last one was awesome. I couldn't make it though much of the game, I just lost all meaning to do stuff and travel time was just too much.

      Getting anywhere was easy as piss and took no time at all. Long distances? Call in a black market drop. Short/medium distances? Grapple like a boss.

      I politely disagree with this. COMPETITIVE multiplayer is not required in this game. Co-operative multiplayer however, even if its just 2 player co-op, would be fantastic. I can't tell you how much I wanted that pc multiplayer mod after watching so many videos of it, the things you could do... the fun you could have. I don't believe there's much fun honestly in deathmatch multi in JC? But co-operative multiplayer I think you'd find is where a whole new world of JC fun would open up.

        Agreed 100%
        It doesn't need large scale multiplayer. But having a co-op, even if it is only between two or three friends, would be an awesome addition, and something that would really improve on the game's replay value.

    As much as I like Just Cause 2, I can only play it in bursts. I'll play it everyday for a few days then have to put it away for a while. Hopefully the next game can give a bit more variety in missions without getting too serious (I still want it to be explody fun!)

    Drop in/out Co-op would be amazing, the massive open world is practically begging for it. You'd be able to have impromptu jet fights/races! I can see it now. Also, don't fix the voice acting. I like laughing at how awkward it sounds most of the time. xD

    first thing i thought of was the terrible voice acting lol, rest of number 2 was awesome fun. i never played 1

      I'm pretty sure the voice acting was like that on purpose.

    Please bring back Bolo Santosi

      Leader of the revolutionary army known as the reeeeeeeeeee-pers

    So many good things about Just Cause 2.. yes even the awkward-corny malaysian/singaporean voice acting.

    Reminds me of the non structured fun of the games from the 80s like Stunts where you'd just play it because it was so much fun.

    Coop in Just Cause 3 would be the icing on the cake.

    Loved JC2. All I'm really after from a third is implementation of a multi-grapple system, and a Mercenaries-style overhaul to the Black Market - the JC2 canned animation and static drops were so lacklustre compared to Mercs 2 where you would drop a smoke grenade and have packages air-dropped; if you ordered a weapons crate and were on a small platform you'd have to try and swat it out of the air so it wouldn't bounce away (or go chasing after it)... and if you ordered a tank you learned not to stand across from the direction the chopper was dropping it!.. also the way you could only purchase items based on faction standing since they all had different loadouts (though Mercs 2 also let you stockpile things for if you needed them when nobody would sell them to you)

    I don't care about multi. I want a huge map that's the same size as Just Cause 2, I'd like vehicles to handle better (and have so really fast ones in there too) and I'd like more stupid enemies like those random ninjas.

    My morning got a little brighter :)

    I also hope they expand the abilities of the grapple even further. There was so much you could do with it in JC2, but there's still a ton of room to grow there.

    Loved JC2 it is a funass game on PC. Mostly spent hours hooking shit to jumbos and giggling like a little girl teeeeheeeeheeeeheee

    Hells to the yes. More JC please.
    Go the route of Saints Row 3, make it as crazy as possible. We needed more missions like grappling onto the rocket and such

    Best news of the week. Just Cause 2 was one of 2010's true gems. AND IT DOES NOT NEED MULTIPLAYER!!!!

    Avalanche have called it bullshit.

    Interview is up on Eurogamer.

      Bullshit indeed. Just Cause 3 MIGHT be out in 2013, but nothing confirmed yet.

    Awesome! Just Cause 2 was perfect - only problem it had was a flimsy main story that could be completed in an hour or so, maybe they should just scrap the main story alltogether that'd be cool!

    Needs co-op multiplayer so me and a friend can BASE jump together, surf airplanes together, and grapple each other to passing cars. Race modes may be fun as multiplayer too.

    Other competitive multiplayer? Well, probably un-necessary. Deathmatches can fuck right off.

      Hell yes. I'll second everything this fine upstanding citizen is saying here.

    jc3 would be awsome but they only problem of jc2 is that the story line is to short it must be longer

    3 things that could be improved:
    - The destruction. (I would have loved to have been able to blow up the buildings, and not just certain towers/statues.
    - Advanced grappling
    - And yes, co-op multiplayer. Possibly only between a couple of players.

    One thing you SHOULD NOT do, is add a large scale deathmatch mode. The game is completely fine without it. But co-op is still a great idea.

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