Kid Sees Angry Birds, Totally Loses His Shit

As this proud father sits his son down for a quick round of Angry Birds, a word of advice: turn your speakers down.

No wonder this game has sold 117 billion copies. A teething ring made of chocolate-covered cocaine wouldn't have elicited a response like that.

[thanks Mike!]

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    And just when I finally thought the shit Kotaku US posts couldn't get any worse


    wish I wasn't wearing headphones when he screamed.

    Amnesia would've made him lose more (read: any) shit.

    Didn't I read this several days ago?

      Yep! Thought so too.

      Seriously, US, get your act together. I mean, I didn't mind your short articles, but no knowing other region's articles, getting info. wrong twice in one day, especially on FIREFLY? Seriously.


    No seriously, why is this news?

    Uhhh, there's a bunch of random videos like this around youtube.

    Why is this news?

    If its a slow news day, stiff bickies, It's slow nothing much happens, don't make this garbage up to be news, maybe write something more interesting like a review for unique or not very well known games.

    This is plain old lazyness, and It's getting very annoying and clogging up the site.

    So...I just went over to the US site...and this article isn't there...

    If you don't like it, don't read it. It's fairly obvious what this video entails.

      Hi KotakuUS employee.

      Welcome to KotakuAU, take a look around and then quietly take a short drop with a sudden stop.

      On a serious note, where do you expect people to voice their dislike for this crap? In other unrelated articles?

    Guys, considering its their website they can post whatever they want.

    If you don't want to read it, skip the article. Simple.

      However they rely on people like us visiting the site to make money. If we don't like stuff, they need to know.

      Personally I don't mind these kinds of articles too much, what really gets to me is anything Ashcraft posts. There should be a filter option to block out his japanophile dribble.

        I like his japanophile dribble though!

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