Kinect Could Automatically Control What You Can Watch

A Microsoft patent, filed in March 2010 but only publicly released last week, is called PARENTAL CONTROL SETTINGS BASED ON BODY DIMENSIONS. It's about using tech like Kinect to automatically restrict content on a PC or Xbox depending on who "or what" the camera sees in the room.

Basically, it would use a camera (Kinect is never specified, but come on, it's Microsoft) to determine the size of the people standing in front of it. If it detects adults, then the console or computer can play adult content. If it detects kids, no dice. If it detects adults but then kids walk into the room, it can switch over on the fly.

If you're a giant kid, you're in luck. Conversely, if you're a tiny adult, you might want to switch it off.



    That is retarded, the world is clearly doomed.

    A bit silly, what about really tall younger teens or tiny adults?

    Won't somebody think of the midgets!?

    I remember one school holidays my mates Mum confiscating the cord to the Amiga because we had been on it for days, she took it with her back to work after her lunch break.. 5mins after she left we were playing again using the cord from the kettle...

    It'll take kids these days 2mins to disconnect the Kinect and be back into the good stuff.. just sayin'

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