Kinect Hacked For Bigger Boobs

Kinect hacks provide an endless rabbit hole of would-be tech wizards using the peripheral for a rainbow of results. Some of them are amazing, such as this Kinect-controlled drone. Some of them are silly, such as this.

This is a multiplayer-supported Kinect hack that gives both women and men "giant breasts" that they can shake about and even even playfully jiggle.

It's a refined version of last year's man boob-tracking hack.

The hack is supposed to be available via its official site. Virtual cleavage, here we come.

Kinect巨乳 [Official Site via Kotaku Japan]


    Really? Kinect boob hacks? Jesus Christ. I'm glad KotakuUS ran this story. This is need to know shit right here.

      Just be glad it's:

      A) Longer than a sentence long.
      B) Related to games/gaming devices.

      Anyway, I pissed myself laughing at this. Great laugh to start the morning. :D

      The boobs jumping around the body when they're walking up to the camera is nightmare fuel though. =\

    i wish the girls had played with their boobs like the guys in the video did to each other (which was a bit disquieting).

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