Less Than One Hour To Bid On This Porny 1990s Sierra Game

A copy of the Sierra On-Line's 1991 Apple II game Softporn Adventure is about to sell on eBay, and you could still be the one to walk off with it!

Commonly described as a precursor to Sierra's more well-known sexytime adventure Leisure Suit Larry (although the first Larry</em. game was in 1987), Softporn Adventure is a text adventure in which your protagonist moves through seductive settings like a bar and a casino while trying to woo three separate women.

The current leading bid is… $US304. Dang. A Steam sale, this is not.

The game is available for free from Abandonia , which raises the question: Why are people willing to pay so much for the hard copy?

In this case, the raised price is almost certainly due to the packaging and cover art, which features three ladies and a gent hot-tubbing it. It's pure '70s 'stache-porn, straight out of Boogie Nights. But what's notable about the cover isn't so much the risqué nature, but the fact that the woman on the right side of the tub is famed Sierra owner and game designer Roberta Williams.

The cover is campy fun, and I can see why it's a collecter's item. As much as its an homage to cheesy 70's porn, it's also a relic of a bygone age of game development — I certainly couldn't imagine Cliff Bleszinski or Amy Hennig doing something like this today. Actually… I could kind of imagine Bleszinski doing something like this.

And.. now you're probably imagining Bleszinski doing something like this. Sorry. Or maybe: You're welcome.

Softporn dvAentures Auction [eBay via Gamesniped]


    The thumbnail before coming into the article makes it look like it says "ftporn"
    Which i read as "foot porn"

    Which made me shudder... god i HATE FEET!

    I seem to remember a promo pic for this game having a Roberta Williams nipple slip. The cover doesn't appear to show it so maybe it was some other picture.

    I only just noticed that the waiter is actually in the hot-tub as well, hey hey hey

      geez, that doesnt sound right...

    What does it matter that it is free on Abandonia? Abandonware isn't a legal classification, so it is no better than saying a game is available for free by torrenting, so why bother buying.

    I think the one on the right is Bjork...

    Dang. It sold for $810.

    I actually own a copy which came the Larry Collection many years back. So mine is actually legit, although worth scrap.

    Played for a few minutes, got bored.

    It came out in 1981, not 91... Leisure Suit Larry was in full swing by '91.

    Why is the waiter doing in the hot-tub?

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