Let's Look *Inside* PlayStation Vita Game Cases

With the PS Vita due out December 17, Japanese retail is starting to get mock-ups of PS Vita game cases. Mock-ups like this.

The retail who uploaded the pics also stuffed in a memory card to show you what it would look like with a PS Vita cartridge in it, as well as wrapping a flier around it.

As one Japanese commenter wrote, "I guess there's nothing that can be done about all that unused space."

PSVitaのパケはこんな感じらしいです [終わコン速報]


    i went on the website, and i saw this, and it was fantastic, don't know if it's gonna come out right, but we'll see

       / ̄ ̄\
     /   _ノ  \
     |    ( ●)(●)
    . |     (__人__) コノヤロ
      |     ` ⌒´ノ
    .  |         }  ミ        ピコッ
    .  ヽ        } ミ  /\  ,☆____
       ヽ     ノ    \  \ /     \  俺、初期型は買わないんだ
       /    く  \.  /\/ ─    ─ \   
       |     `ー一⌒)  /   (●)  (●)  \
        |    i´ ̄ ̄ ̄ \ |      (__人__)     |
                   \_   ` ⌒´    /
                    /          \

    ....Slow news day?

    Hey sony why not make the cases smaller and save plastic!

      the size of the casing is probably more for the game booklet

      prolly more about how it looks on retail shelves. They would have to be a minimum size to catch peoples attention and also to cram all the marketing material -photos and the writing in a presentable way.

      it looks a bit bland, but at least it's not cardboard.

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