Let's Play "Guess The New Zerg Unit!"

Having teased one of the new Terran units due in the next instalment of StarCraft II, Heart of the Swarm, developers Blizzard are now showing the outline of a new Zerg unit.

And here it is. Scan your eyes over it from left to right and it looks like, yup, a Zerg. Scan from right to left, though, and it looks like a new Pokémon.

Maybe it's a combination of the two. That giant hump on its back could signal this is the Zerg's answer to Bulbasaur!


    Tyrant guard! Oh wait.....

    The Terran unit looks like a transformed Hellion.

    This one looks like a transformed Roach (probably some sort of Seige Tank-like upgrade that can burrow and attack like a Lurker from SC:BW?)

    Judging by this trend, the Protoss unit being shown next week will be a transformed Stalker that can /dance.



      You, dear man, made me shoot a stream of tea out my nose......

      well played

    Man, I hope they do not introduce too many new units into the MP. I can barely manage the ones I have at my disposal now >)

    Terrans ftw!

    Jackal, jackal, it's a jackal.

    (I'm guessing a lurker like unit)

    Looks kinda roachy, but with some kind of artillery launcher on the back to me.

    My guess is a unit that carries a sort of mini hatchery, it can spawn lava on the go, kind of like a Tervigon in 40k. Maybe it also helps spread creep faster? or maybe that all sounds to OP.


    Zerg siege tank alternative

    It's the zerg siege-tank... So I'll need to make up a name...

    ummm Monolisk?

    "Scan from right to left, though, and it looks like a new Pokémon."

    Lol so true

    Giant fish, or bird of some description.

    maybe a defensive unit instead of an offensive one? that would be quite a big change for zerg gameplay...


      It's always Koffing!

    Not that I play Starcraft, but it does look like a Zerg siege tank. The claws/talons/legs look they would dig in for support while it rains hell. Though, being Zerg it will probably fire some bio gas, or little critters.




    It looks like it's designed to roll up in a ball...



    Roach sized evolution, rolls faster with centra-frugal hooks and fires slow artillery-range acid-splash shots :3 ala starship trooper tank bug on wheels.
    Or a roach sized baneling lol

    kind of like a zergling if you see the mouth part, roach if you see the legs, and artillery if you see the sac thingy. Maybe some kinda unit like brood ling comeout from the sac... better wait for HOTS to come out fast.

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