Let's Talk About The 700kg Orc Shaman In The Room

Lording over the Mega Bloks booth at BlizzCon 2011, Doomhammer held high, World of Warcraft's Thrall would have been much more impressive in block form if it wasn't for the long line of people waiting to get their picture taken with him. He's the saviour of two worlds, people!

Mega Bloks ran a contest during BlizzCon in which folks could Twitter pictures of themselves with Mega Thrall for a chance to win concept sketches of the mini Thrall that came in the show's swag bag this year. This reduced Azeroth's greatest Orc to a touristy prop, somewhat diminishing his majesty.

He's still rather impressive. The company reps wouldn't tell me how many pieces he was made up of (they might hold a contest later), but they loved mentioning how much he weighed, which had me imagining a small horde of people in black Mega Bloks polo shirts carrying him into a truck on their backs, finally giving him the respect he deserves.


    Seriously? Mega Blocks? Did Blizzard's parents cheap out on the LEGO set or something?

      The Lego Group is pretty specific about their licensing deals. For the longest time, they had a big no-no when it came to violence, so even Star Wars sets came with microphones instead of actual blasters. They've lessened this somewhat, but it's still there.

      It takes a LOT to get the Lego License and right now, it's only been Lucasfilm, Marvel, Disney and Nickelodeon (limited run).

      Everyone else who can't get Lego, head to Mega Bloks (Halo)

    Yeah and mega bloks are getting some cool licenses too. Stupid not lego :(

    Those are some of the ugliest bricks I've ever seen. Those mottled puke green and red. Eurgh.

    Problem with Megabloks tho is getting the bastards to hold together, because they're soft plastic they quite often just 'spring' apart without even touching them. Wierd.

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