Let's Watch People Enjoying The New Cable-Ready Xbox Live

It's time for television on your Xbox 360. It's time for controlling your television with your voice. It's time for one set-top box to rule them all. But mostly it's time for a video of smiling people enjoying these things.

This, ideally, is what you, your family, and your friends will look like when these new services hit the Xbox 360 this Christmas. You'll all be well-dressed and blemish free; your homes will suddenly look as if they sprung to life from the pages of Better Homes and Gardens. Life will be perfect.

You definitely won't be sprawled out on your couch in your underwear, munching on snacks using the same hand you were scratching yourself with only moments earlier, politely requesting the Xbox 360 play Furious Five for the umpteenth time.

My house feels cleaner already.


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