Link, Be A Lady Tonight

You see your fair share of ladies cosplaying as the hero of the Legend of Zelda series. Not as much fan art. Let's change that.

This piece is called, well, Female Link, and is by Albanian artist Edli Akolli. It's just one his many amazing fantasy-inspired works, more of which you can check out at his gallery linked below.

It says a lot about the character design that the clothes and haircut are essentially the same as dude Link, yet work just as well. Simple works best!

Edli Akolli [DeviantArt]


    everything is awesome except...the knee area on her pants....looks really odd =(

    something about that picture seems reallly odd

    i can't work out if it's the face or the torso...

      Yeah, Looks odd to me too.

        I think it's her torso. Her waist seems too high, her hips appear to be hidden and the chest plate makes it look like her breasts (or where they would be) are too high.

        At least as far as I can tell.

      It looks like the legs are a bit long, either due to foreshortening or just the artist taking liberties with her proportions. Also her back leg should probably be turned to the side so that the torso position makes more sense.

    The moon is way too big and it's creeping me out a bit. It's really odd.

      But you know why, right? It's probably already the night of the second day.

    I find it hard to masturbate to this.

      It's the weird man-boobs.

    That's a really ordinary picture. Bad proportions (how long is the back upper leg and yet how short is the back lower leg? And what is wrong with her torso), terrible composition (is the thigh the focus of the work?) - just an all round average painting.

    I've seen better fan-art for female links.

    I still think its awesome.

    and also funny how this so called "female" link might actually have a manlier face than actual Link. lol.

    ill agree overall with the proportion thing, but to me the strange thing is the face, it appears almost photo-shopped into a painted image... not one of the better link pictures. but clap for trying.

    Link by way of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night... (which also implies depicting he male as female, incidently ;-P)

    The proportions are alright i guess, she has the same spinal condition that most comic book ladies have, but it's not too bad. The main thing that I think is a bit screwed up is the lighting. it's hitting the TOP of her forward leg, the FRONT of the sword and hand and shining up at the BOTTOM of her face, that's three different directions but with the only viable light source is the moon which is BEHIND her.

    Overall not bad, but it's obvious they've taken a lot of effort with the face and sword but not much else.

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