Look Everyone, It's The Hero Of Legend: Zelda!

Why is it called The Legend of Zelda when Link's the one doing all the work? Just wait until Metroid hears about this; she'll be pissed.

And for the record? I am the Contra.


    Bahahahaa. Loved It!

    Am I the only person annoyed that everybody focused too much on Tomb Raiders boobs?

    That Chrono Trigger scene gave me cravings.
    Time to bust out my DS.

    Halo's a pretty cool guy...

      He doesn't afraid of anything.

    That was pretty damn funny - i do always enjoy the dorkly stuff :)

    You know who's great?
    He's awesome

    Halo is a pretty cool guy...

      ...is precisely what MrTaco said!

        Actually, he abbreviated "Halo is" to "Halo's". So it's not precisely what he said, but very close.

    Grugh. These jokes have been on /v/ for about five years now.

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