Lord Of The Rings: War In The North Has Launch Trailer

With Skyrim-lust whipping fantasy role-playing game fans into a frothy puddle, perhaps November 1 is the best possible time for Warner Bros. to release The Lord of the Rings: War in the North.

As much as I trust Snowblind Studios to develop a compelling action role-playing game and as intriguing as the concept of an officially sanctioned new Lord of the Rings tale is, it's going up against one of the biggest role-playing releases of this console generation.


    I don't get why these devs think players want to take control of the Fellowship B-team, or C-team (since The Third Age had the B-team).

    It's like X-Men Destiny. Players don't want to play as nameless X-Men Rookie #17, they want to play as Wolverine. And Ice-Man etc.

      Creative and gameplay freedom monsier

    I thought this game was released next week? The date at the end of the trailer is 25/11/11. Has it been delayed?

      Yeah it got moved... probably because of Skyrim.

    Looks incredibly generic and b-grade. it doesn't look bad, it just looks like that game that's pretty ok.

    Also, Lord of the Rings is amazing because of the characters. No one cares about these characters.

    "Hey guys, I don't think we've finished flogging the LOTR brand to death yet. Let's make another bad game".

    I'm truly impressed at the amount of money that's been spent making such bad movies and games based on such good books.

      I'm truly impressed at the amount of negative people in the world, wasting perfectly good energy creating pointless comments.

      The books are masterpieces of their medium. Like it or not, the films are too - tough crap if you can't see that I'm afraid.

      The fact of the matter is, you know for a fact that many people like the films, yet because you're so high and mighty, so knowledge with your infinite wisdom and definitive opinions (oops, sorry sir, facts), that you decide you have to bestow them upon us.

      Enjoy your soul-less, hate-filled life, good sir.

    Bad movies :O Are for real? Their amongst the best movies ever made. I mean you may not like them. But to call them 'bad' is just crazy.

    Sometimes I think people just hate on the popular or well liked things, just to feel cool or different.

    Anyway I'm very interested in this game. Hopefully it'll be good.

    I love the LOTR action games but the graphics on this looks kind of weak considering all the recent releases coming out.

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