LunchTimeWaster: Thelemite

If browser-based games have taught us anything, it's that bored programmers should respond to spam email, offer their bodies up for medical experiments and become mutant ninjas.

Thelemite is an explosion of speed and mayhem by an indie developer from Poland, Sosker. Playing as a game programmer-turned-mutant ninja, you blast your way through a side-scrolling town that is under a zombie attack, climbing up walls, crashing into civilians, and squishing everyone in your path with your powered-up attacks.

While this sounds a lot of like many other browser-based side-scrolling games, Thelemite is different in the sheer amount of speed in all your movements. Your character propels himself forward and upwards and downwards so fast it's hard to tell what's happening half the time, but seeing a little fireball of a pixellated human being bounce from surface to surface as pixel blood spatters all over the screen is nothing short of exhiliarating.




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