Man Completes Super Mario 64 Using His Feet!

Getting all 120 stars on Mario 64 is one of my proudest gaming achievements, so watching this guy do the exact same thing - WITH HIS FEET - is completely outrageous. The above video doesn't show the full 120 stars, but it does feature 'footage' of him getting every single star on Tick Tock Clock — one of the most difficult levels in the game.

It's worth watching — especially since the commentary has some of the best 'feet' puns around. You might say they're toe-tally heel-arious.

Alright, I'll just leave now.

[Awkward silence]


    He did it not for the accomplishment but to prevent people from using his controller.

    Feet gross the hell out of me. Good work for this guy anyway :P

    This level was hard enough using a keyboard.

    Yeah sorry everyone. The majority of my experience with the N64 was with emulators in high school.

      It's surprising how good gamepads are for emulation these days.

        I eventually saved enough of my monies for one of those Logitech PlayStation-esque USB controllers. Made controlling both Mario and Link much less stressful :P

          You not just use a PS3 controller? I was so happy that I when I found out I could do this.

    I read it as Superman 64 and kinda freaked out a little.

    Its not Mario, But I have a distinct memory of playing Star Wars Episode I Pod racer on the 64 against my younger brother with my feet and winning!... This I should have recorded! :P

    This is a strange post. Why just post the one video? You can see him do the whole game right here:

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