Man Jailed For Killing Crying Baby Who Interrupted His Game

William Johnston was on this Earth for only one month. Andrew Keith Johnston, for 19 years. And he'll be spending the next 27 in a Tennessee prison, whose population generally doesn't look favourably upon child killers.

Andrew Johnston, of Normandy, Tennessee, pleaded guilty on Monday and was sentenced on Thursday. In October 2010, he was playing video games when his newborn son began crying in his bassinett. Johnston told a judge that he went over to the baby, grabbed him and shook him by his two legs, reports The Shelbyville Times-Gazette.

The infant's mother had left to go to the shops. She was gone for only 10 minutes. Discovering the baby was unresponsive and suffering from hypothermia (Johnston had tried to revive him in a cold shower), she called 911; on October 22, in Nashville, William Johnston was taken from life support and died.

It's a hell of a thing when you admit guilt and still go down for 27 years. Pleading guilty probably is the only thing that spared Johnston from life in prison. Two lives, one ended, one ruined in one angry instant. Chilling.

Father Admits Killing Son [Times-Gazette. Thanks Rio-GT]


    Broken person, nothing to do with games.
    But that won't stop the media train!

    Defiantly FarmVille!

      It annoys me so much when people don't spell definitely correctly, defiantly is an entirely different word omfg

        No, he meant to use the word defiantly.

    Hope he rots in there. Sick bastard.

    I'd say three lives. The mother must be emotionally destroyed.

      +1 definitely

    The word we are looking for is: Douchebag

      Actually 'Whitetrash' 'redneck' 'scumbag' fit in fine too.

        Strangely I don't find any of the above terms even close to bad enough to describe this man.

          We all know of perfect words to describe this idiot. They're just not acceptable words to place in a comment.

    Maybe he was playing GTA4 in reverse, there's a message from satan if you play it backwards.

      He brings everyone back to life, and stops the cops from being after you... The power of Satan compels you to, do no crime?

    No father could do that, he was just a sperm donor.


      Also 27 years is way to short for this kind of crime - this ghoul deserves somewhere in the vicinity of Life to Death Penalty for this.

    Makes you want to throw up just thinking about it.

    "A brutal, violent murder case holds some small inconsequential relation to video games? Jeez we'd better write up an article about it and shove it onto Kotaku as quickly as our hypocritical fingers can muster!" - Average Kotaku Writer.


    Do we really have to put this article on Kotaku every time it happens? A deranged person kills someone else over a video game. It's not about games, it's about people who need help. We establish this every time we hear this story.
    Why the hell do we still keep getting this article each time it happens?

      ^ Fucking this

      It doesn't matter what the man was doing at the time, the only thing that matters is that the baby interrupted him, he threw an anger fit and killed the child.

      It doesn't matter whether the baby interrupted a card game, a video game or him gardening, it's HIM that has the problem..

      You really shouldn't post articles like this which hurt gaming's (already damaged) reputation Kotaku..


        Some redneck in the Americas kills his kid because he got interrupted? And the only tenuous link to video games is that he was playing one at the time? This shouldn't have made Kotaku.

        here's another thought.

        when stories like these surface, why is it the first thing that comes to your mind is video game reputation?

        there is a dead baby somewhere in that story and all some people can think about is how appropriate an article is to a website.

    It like saying;
    "Man runs over Mother and its Ducklings, brakes don't work"
    "Man hits head on bench, kills baby in crib"
    "Man drowns cat, devil made him do it"
    "Man kills himself, obviously murder"

    Also, is it as bad if the baby wasn't crying?

    I really don't like the implication in the last paragraphs that the sentence he received was somehow unfair.

    This person /picked up a baby by the legs and shook it/. While I am not a prison fan, this is not someone who can ever be trusted around people.

    You have to be psychotic to do this. And not in a 'curable' or 'rehabilitation' way. If not jail, a mental institution, either way he should never, ever be left alone with another human being.

    I think the biggest problem here is that he is 19! He doesn't seem adult enough to have a kid anyway at 19. The main point o having kids I to repopulate the earth and trust me... We don't need to. Not hat I'm saying it's good that he did that because it's obviously not and it's social unacceptable for me to say otherwise but he probably shouldn't have one anyway. It just sounds like both kids were having a tantrum and one kid got his way, go is now facing the consequences.

    I think it's naive to be so irritated at seeing these news items appear on Kotaku. Sure you can read about it on other news websites when YOU want to.

    Do I deserve somehow to be shielded from knowing about this? Just because I'm a mostly-responsible gamer? (how many of you can honestly say you are not sometimes engrossed in a game to an unhealthy degree).

    I Like the reminder. It's healthy - for me and those who read it and are prompted to simply do a little evaluation about our playtime. I'd rather not read about such tragedies, sure. But they are real, they don't irritate me, they sadden me while I think about them. Much like reading about Hit 'n' runs in the LA Times.

    Most of us might be capable of not killing or harming someone for interrupting our game/entertainment. How nice for us. Most of are easily capable of getting angry or frustrated at something or someone else for the same thing if we let it. Even more so for someone you may even know who is too young or immature to understand the boundaries. How are your kids doing? Oh I'm sorry, you don't have kids, maybe you still are one?

    The person that chokes on his weetbix at this idea is, sadly, the real douchbag from where I'm sitting. I love computer games, always have. They draw me into their "other world" and I lay down my money and time to enjoy them. I've done it for 30 years and am unlikely to ever stop. But I don't kid myself, it's not a completely harmless activity. I hope you check yourself instead of laughing/crying about it. Any intelligent person who reads these stories surely must.

    Is it me or am I the only one who thinks 27 isn't long enough? It feels awfully short for killing a baby

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