Mario Kart 7 Is A Place For Like-Minded Racers To Meet

Like chucking turtle shells while carting? Have I got a group of gamers for you. Today, Nintendo announced that Mario Kart 7 would be bringing community features to the long-running Mario Kart series.

The centre piece is a "Mario Kart Channel", which will serve the same function that the Wii Channel does, namely providing players with new info. Here, players can find stuff they collect during Street Pass mode on the 3DS or the Street Pass races.

It's also possible to play friends or folks you've passed in Street Mode online. What's more, Mario Kart players can make groups to meet with their friends.

Online, up to eight players can race at once. Races are a smooth 60fps. Mario Kart players will be happy to know that Nintendo is taking steps to combat unfair play or cheating. Nintendo did not go into great detail about what these steps will be exactly.

Community features are now standard on many racing games and are a welcomed addition to Mario Kart.


    Mario Kart has become my most wanted 3DS game. All the online and Streetpass features just sound amazing. It kind of makes me want to buy it as early as possible just to make sure my Streetpass Ghosts are up to scratch. xD

    it just gets better and better

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