Mass Effect 3 Including Multiplayer After All?

For what feels like forever, there's been talk of something in the Mass Effect universe turning up soon that features multiplayer. Some say it's a standalone expansion, some say it might be nothing.

Whatever it is, over the weekend it reared its head again: once in the form of an upcoming feature for Xbox World magazine in the UK that promises to unveil BioWare's "killer new feature" for the franchise, the other as an advertisement for the game in South Africa that says Mass Effect 3's collector's edition includes an "online multiplayer pass".

Now, these could mean anything! The killer new feature might be new hair styles for the revamped female Shepard. The multiplayer pass might be a retailer's way of not really getting what EA's online passes (which were used in Mass Effect 2) are all about.

Or they could be totally spot-on, and Mass Effect 3 will include some type of multiplayer component (including co-op), that it absolutely does not need but which EA will make us have regardless.

We've contacted EA for command and will update if we hear back.

Mass Effect 3: 'Killer new feature' reveal next month [CVG]

South African retailer advertising multiplayer [BioWare]


    After Dragon Age 2 there was a tiny voice in my head that said "Mass Effect 3 will be dissappointing!" and I told it to shut it's tiny little poopsucking mouth.

    It's getting louder :(...

    ... Still can't wait to kill me some Reapers though :-P

      I have the same voice whispering to me.

        Same here T_T

          Don't worry.. On the day of release EA will have (pay extra) DLC available to fill some of the holes in the story but ultimately you'll have to wait til 3 months after you've finished the game for more (pay extra) DLC that will actually make the storyline make sense.

          Of course, it's also possible Origin will determine that your game key is invalid and lock your EA account despite repeated emails to try and get it back.

          I really have to stop being so cynical about EA and Origin!

    "We've contacted EA for command and will update if we hear back."

    I knew it! :P

    Technically ME2 had an online pass as well. Probably the DLC pass like the Cerberus network.

    I hope. :( Definately a series that doesn't need multiplayer.

    Also means we prob won't see ME3 on Steam.

      That's what I interpreted the 'online pass' as also - especially since it'll be needed to download the day-one DLC and whatever the Cerberus Network for ME3 is.

    Mass Effect 2 already had an online pass called the "Cerberus Network" that let you download some DLC for free. I don't see the mention of an online pass for ME3 being significant at all.

    Only interested in the "killer new feature" if it turns on RPG mode.

    Why do i have this sinking feeling that if there is multiplayer content it will just be another survival/horde mode that so many games seem to push these days.

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