Meet Brendan Brewer, Video Game Reviewer

Cameron Davis used to review video games for a living, then he switched sides and started making games for a living and was present for both the demise of Krome and KMM Brisbane. Now, he still works in the games industry, but spends his spare time with Brendan Brewer - a comic skewering games 'journalists' and the review process. Some of it is a little too close to home for me...

Confession time - I was moved to front of the queue at the Halo 3 midnight launch, because someone recognised that I was covering it for a magazine. I was asked if I wanted to move to the front, and I didn't say no. I just went, and I got the game before all the people in front of me in the queue.

I'm so, so sorry...

For more Brendan Brewer and a host of other comics by Cameron, head to FunnyWebComic.


    that's not what i look like at all :-/

      It really isn't, I've seen him! He wears Adidas.

      I like the content on your website but it's really hard to read. I'm just curious why you chose the design.

      (I hope this does not come off as rude i'm just curious)

        i chose that layout as an experiment -- to see how many complaints i get about the layout.

        the only people who don't see the complaints are the people who don't realize there is an Amazingly Obvious Way to change the site layout.

        so, in short, i am using that layout to test how obvious my Amazingly Obvious Way to change the layouts is.

          Found it, but not really Amazingly Obvious unless you're actively looking for it!

            I found the ...thing too. Gotta say, i wouldn't have even bothered looking if i hadn't read the previous comments.

            Mind you, i didn't know the web site existed till just then either!

            Had fun clicking the thing though.

            the idea is i want every darn person reading the site to be DYING to press that button!

              How needlessly ironic of you. Try giving the hipster shtick a rest, you might enjoy it.

                how is wanting my website to be strikingly designed enough to make readers want to click on its elements a "hipster schtick"? shouldn't a person with a website want the readers to click things?

                either way, it's usability testing. that's part of developing software. are all software developers, then, in some degree, hipsters? i think you might be misunderstanding one thing or another. you're welcome to (wrongly) accuse me of being a "hipster" about some other things, though i honestly can't let this particular one slide. :-/

                  I find your defensiveness off putting.

      of course it's not, you wouldn't sweat over 3,000 words.

    It's like a camera straight into the Allure offices!!! ;)

    Don't you ever apologise for being better than everyone else Mark! You worked your kilt off to get where you are so why not get to the front of the queue!?

    P.S still finding little bits of porn in the dogs kennel

      oh my god.

      I don't know if you can see the website linked but it's 'Kotaku Loch'.


        Someone needs to register it, then duplicate the Kotaku feed but splice in random "achs" and "laddie" into the text.

    Talk about close to home. :(

    Next week I'll do a comic about Brendan being asked to test out fake tan spray and then his Kinect starts laughing at him.

    These comics say more about the individual creating them than games journalism.

    Too soon, Serrels... too soon.

    All I got from this article is that I'm now frantically looking for a release date for "Tits N Guns".

    anyone else read every webcomic and think "IGN"

    ...? haha

    I really liked this game, but I had to buy it myself!

    Love 'em!

    Have to say, though: when I saw the top boobs in VG, I immediately thought of Bashcraft. Both in that he writes about boobs, and he is one.

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