Mega-Man's Producer Is Making A Nintendo 3DS Game

Keiji Inafune, former Mega-Man producer and Dead Rising designer, is hard at work on a new title. It's called Kaiou: King of Pirates and it's for the Nintendo 3DS. It stars a penguin pirate.

Inafune will be taking director duties. King of Pirates is a mix of pirates and Sangokushi. It's an action role-playing game, and it's aimed at kids.

This isn't Inafune's first post-Capcom project. He is already working on a couple social games.

Kaiou: King of Pirates will be published by marvellous AQL and will be released in 2012.

稲船敬二さんが家庭用ゲームの新作を発表! 3DS向け海洋冒険RPG『海王』 [Kotaku Japan]


    Last pic = aimed at kids?

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