Mega Mash: The 7 Best Retro Arcade Games You've Played At Once

When you first start Mega Mash, the latest flash masterpiece from the folks at Nitrome, it seems like you're about to play a 7-in-1 game cart filled with clever homages to classic games. Then everything goes wonderfully haywire.

The screen fills with error messages, and then it fills with the simple joy of Mario Bros clone Carrot Story. You manoeuvre your bunny rabbit over blocks, stomping on enemies, and just when you think the other six games don't exist, you jump into a side-scrolling shooter. It's only a brief jump before you're back in bunny form.

The next levels introduce more games. A Bomberman clone juxtaposes itself with a chain-swinging ninja game. Back in bunny world, shifting into a Tetris-style puzzler builds stairs so our long-haired hero can progress.

It's a gorgeous symphony of old school gaming goodness, all at once. Go see for yourself.

Mega Mash [Nitrome]


    Sounds a lot like Farbs' ROM CHECK FAIL. Looks nice, though.

    That's a genius idea for a game.

    Wow that site needs a NSFMC warning on it (not safe for manly company)

    Might have to give it a try when I get home

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