Metal Gear Team Feverishly Checking Plastic Boobs

Hideo Kojima, creator of stealth series Metal Gear, and his team are approving a series of figurines based on Metal Gear Solid characters.

Serious questions around the office being asked about this Meryl figure include: "Are her boobs like this? Are they big?"

This is the latest prototype, and according to Kojima, the figure needs to be reworked several times over. Oh, but where to start?

オッパイこんな感じ?デカい? [Twitter]


    It might help to make the thing resemble Meryl in the slightest....

      My thoughts exactly.

    is just me, or do those fake boobs look extremely like real fake boobs?

    “Are her boobs like this? Are they big?”

    No. But Japan. Mmkay?

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