Microsoft Looking Into Auto Mature Filtering Options

Gears of War 3 is the latest in an increasingly long list of games that include the ability to filter out adult language and gore through the game's settings.

I wrote about that earlier this week, but I also reached out to Microsoft to see if they would ever consider adding a new filter-centric option to the Xbox 360's family settings.

What I asked was whether it would be possible to add a setting that allow parents to have the console automatically turn on those filters if their child wanted to play certain games.

Here's their response:

"We continually evaluate feedback from both parents and the community on ways to advance our parental controls in order to give parents the most up to date tools to manage their family's experiences on Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE. While not currently available, platform controls to apply filter settings are potential options that the team will be thinking about for future iterations of our family programming and parental controls."

Seems like a win-win to me. You can never have too many family settings.


    I simply do not see the logic here. If the game has mature content, it is only meant for mature players.

    Thus the solution is simple, if there is an under age kid about - HIDE THE DARN GAME!

    The role of parenting belongs to the parents. NOT the game publishers. NOT the game developers. NOT the game device. In fact it is NOT for anyone other than the parents.

      It seems that nowadays the role of parenting belongs to everyone BUT the parents.

        Its not their responsibility as they only "accidently" had their kids in the first place...

    If they could put in an option to disable all voice communication from underage gamers... that'd be swell too.

    Even if they do manage to create better options, they will most likely get ignored by neglectful parents who didn't even want their kid and wish that the new game they bought them can keep them out of their hair for a while.

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