Microsoft Shows How Windows Phone Will Play Nice With Xbox 360

One of the big selling points for Microsoft's latest Windows Phone 7 OS has been the interconnectivity between smartphones running the platform and their Xbox 360 game console. Word of the dedicated Xbox Companion app — which essentially turns your handset into a remote for the 360 — came down the pike recently but Microsoft recently shot video of it in action at Nokia World 2011.

The app will launch services and control the Xbox Live Marketplace like video streaming straight from the phone but it'll also let you transport game elements from the WP7 device to the Xbox 360 and back again via a fancy QV code. If Microsoft can push this Kinectivity feature across first-party and third-party games the way they have with Kinect's features, it might just give people reason to go out and get WP7 devices.

Live from Nokia World 2011: Demo of the Xbox Companion App [Windows Team Blog]


    Am I the only one who doesn't get the point of this? I own a Windows 7 phone, but I fail to see how this adds any new functionality to the Xbox. Sure, the phone is 'wireless', but so is the Xbox and last time I checked it could be used to can search for and play movies as well.

    Connectivity for the sake of connectivity? Colour me unimpressed.

      Edit: *So is the Xbox controller


    Dunno if I'm gonna give a 10 year old a windows phone and a kinect to do this. However converting a phone into a portable babysitter would have it's uses.

    It does set an example for developers, showing the extreems of connecting the two devices.

    Although I'm more interested in more apparent uses. Like using it for a DVD remote, or a download manager for demos.

    I agree wth Nick, but I think we need some creative game developers to come up with some more interesting uses for this. We need to see some real added value to Konnecting the phone.

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