Microsoft Takes A Shot At The Wii In New Dance Central 2 Ad

I've never totally gotten the appeal of Wii dancing games, though clearly there are a whole ton of Just Dance fans out there who disagree. This new ad for Harmonix's just-released Dance Central 2 takes a humorous dig at Wii games and their obsolescence in the face of full motion-tracking.

Honestly, while truly compelling Kinect games are few and far between, watching this ad reinforces the fact that there is no greater hardware out there for dancing games. Though it must be said, when I play Dance Central 2, it's less "cool, attractive dude and girl playing together" and more "goofy guy dancing around in his apartment by himself". But the potential is there! Maybe I should invite more people over so that my own Dance Central 2 sessions begin to resemble the ones on the TV.


    Wii got served.

    I'm confused, which version do I not buy?

    I did watch it muted...

    Only for slim, beautiful, young people.

    Why is that man wearing a hat inside, and in the presence of a lady no less?

    Didn't his parents bring him up properly?

    Haha, good work M$.

    hm, I own a kinect and I have a wii, yet I have 2 of the just dance games and none of the dance central ones...
    I actually think it's the way that Dance central shows you how to do things that really puts me off. I've said it before, but the Konami game is way better. However, i say try them out via demo first.

    I just don't like Dance central and I'm not sure why.

    I'd rather go to a nightclub, do a real dancing with a hot chick & go home for a one-night-stand.

    M$ as publisher = unlimited marketing budget , DC is awesome, great way to get the lovely young ladies involved @ party wit gaming or if you enjoy REAL dancing .

    Dance Dance revolution = early 90's
    Singstar,Karaoke = 90's
    rockband/guitar hero = 2000's
    dance games = 2010 +
    every1 loves music period. and public participation now whose up for a round of the chicken dance

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