Microsoft's Vision Of The Future Includes Talking Glasses And Virtual Cake Recipes

This promotional video, released by Microsoft earlier this week, is simply called "Productivity Future Vision 2011". It's the latest in a long-running series the company comes up with on an annual basis, imagining what the world of tomorrow will look like based on advances from the world of today.

God I love this stuff. Real, honest-to-goodness futurism. Something that eschews flying cars and robot helpers in favour of predicting stuff that may be more practical/boring, but which is also far more likely.

About the only downside is there's no input from the Xbox team. Which, given how clean and safe everything looks, is probably for the best.


    A man in the Kitchen?? This future will never be!!

    Love these.

    Even if it's crazily unrealistic fantasy, it's just cool to see a future that's all glass and lines and holograms.

    I'm noting a distinct lack of robots and jetpacks...

    And hackers will come in a Stuff everything up

    I love how alot of that tech is possible now just not in mass production.

    Tezz, I think that's the point. I really liked the idea of being able to see inside a fridge without opening it. This would save on energy consumption and only require a couple of cameras and say a smart phone or similar display.

    What surprises me is how so many of these purported sci-fi visions don't include the adoption of Brain Computer Interfaces. Kotaku AU's article on the future of gaming omitted this too.

    wow the internets of the future has no ads!

    Welcome the future. Your entire life is now a casual game.

    Well if that was an advertisement for Windows Mobile 8, id be dropping Apple straight away.

    What game is this?

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