Minecraft XBLA Delayed Until Autumn 2012

The Xbox Live Arcade port of Minecraft will be available in the northern hemisphere's spring (our autumn) in 2012 instead of winter as originally planned, according to Microsoft Game Studios.

The console port will be available to play at the inaugural MineCon in Las Vegas this year, and Mojang report that development is going to plan.

"Minecraft for Xbox 360 is currently in heavy development and we are very happy with the progress," read a post on Mojang's official site.

"[Game designer]Daniel is working tightly with the 4J team to coordinate Notch's design decisions. We want to keep the core experience of the original PC version intact, while ensuring the game fits its new platform."

At this year's E3, Microsoft announced that Minecraft would be coming to XBLA with a complete user interface redesign to ensure that it works for the Xbox 360 controller. The 360 port is being made by 4J Studios, who were also behind the Xbox Live versions of Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark.



    I wonder when this is coming for iOS? i think it would be pretty sweet on an iPad 2,

    At least it would probably run better on my iPad 2 then i does currently on my laptop.

    what is it? looks like utter crap? sick of hearing about it.

      he might be a dwarf
      but much more likely a troll
      dirty dirty troll

        na just dont get all the hype about it, is it meant to look bad or what?

          and now i face palm
          do you live under a rock?
          you need to play this


            Why the haikus?
            Did I miss the memo?

              a personal goal
              i can only speak haiku
              but just for today

                An arduous task;
                No reward or compensation.
                Gaming in a nutshell.

            gaming advice from someone who speaks in haiku, think i'll pass and go back under me rock

              where's your sense of fun?
              haiku is much like minecraft
              an art form to love

          the game doesn't look bad it has its own charm, besides if you are really all upset about graphics and can't appreciate the AMAZING gameplay, then download the game and throw a 256bit HD texture pack with the water shader mod, it looks much more modern.

      To answer your question more seriously: imagine if the world was made out of LEGO. Not an exact analogy, but it's like that.

    hey, i am a dwarf
    but i'm not digging a hole
    have a while to wait

    People still play Minecraft? I will be, hahaaaaah

    Minecraft is the result if Heroin and Lego got jiggy with it.

    creative mode has given it new life.

    currently being a massive sky fortress. so much fun.

      creative mode doesnt really add anything that TMI and singleplayercommands didn't, but lots of people seem to like it anyway. i like legit mode ;)

    My 8yo and his best friend are completely nuts for Minecraft. As a 35 yo with limited time to waste it's not up my alley but I can see why he likes it - it's the ultimate sandbox.

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