Minecraft's Creator Is A God

This piece of fan art showed up on the Facebook page of Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson overnight. It is blocky. And strangely erotic.

I know the painting it's based on, Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam, is not erotic in the slightest. It's about God giving life to man. Which is what this picture is about too.

It's just, the version on the roof of the Sistine Chapel doesn't have enormous square pubes all over it.

Minecraft - Notch is god [DeviantArt]

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    Why not just put a leaf block infront of the offending areas?

    Or a giant pixelated wang?

    Or just nothing would be better than what they've done there

    Funny. I swear I clicked the link for Kotaku and yet this website holds an uncanny resemblance to Reddit. Oh wait its always been full of this bullshit. My mistake.

      i think this is funny and relevant to my interests as a MC player. so stfu.

      Why do you even read Kotaku?

      I agree with Vergas, I get pretty annoyed with people that complain about the content week in and week out but still persist to read all articles posted.


    That's some creepy creepy artwork right there. Cool that to have fans praise him in such a way, but still a little disturbing.

    It looks like he has a belt of adult midgets....

    Yeah, not erotic to me mate. But hey whatever works for you is fine and more power to you. BTW are you marching in the mardi gras this year?

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