Minefold Offers Hosted Minecraft Servers For You And Your Friends

You love your Minecraft, but hate random strangers. Enter Minefold, a hosting service that carves out space for only you and your buddies to romp through Mojang's super-successful open-world game.

The two-man Australian company says it'll give players infinite worlds too, so that you can create to your hearts' content. Minefold's currenty in beta with sign-ups now. [Minefold]


    It's definitely cheap.

    But what's the server processor and RAM like? How many players can each server support? That's the important question.

    You can already whitelist players in the server config, and from a look at the website are they asking for a sub fee from everybody, not just to host but to play as well?

    I have a Taconation server that's in Brisbane (recently transferred my world from a American server)

    It's working very well, and its amazing playing without lag.

    Just be aware that with every update that gets release, Minecraft uses even more memory. They don't seem to optimise at all.

    For 1.8.1 you need about 512MB of memory for 4-5 players I've found.

    This smells like fail to me. Where are the server specs?

    "No nerdy stuff. We take care of it all for you. No more servers, RAM, Java, SSH or any of that mumbojumbo." Who needs RAM right?

    If you don't know what RAM is, then I can guarantee you don't have the knowledge required to run and maintain a MC server.

    They don't even support bukkit! wtflulz!?

    Anyone who knows anything about minecraft knows that bukkit is required to run anti-griefing/security plugins.

    On a vanilla server (as this is) even your trusted "friends" can greif and then you have no recourse, no rollback options, all your hundreds of hours of work will be gone forever.

      Hi! I can assure you we're very familiar with RAM :) We're actually using custom backend technology so each server is burstable up to 64GB of RAM depending on how many people are playing.

      Bukkit is something we're looking to support ASAP but for the moment we want to get the vanilla server "just right". We also rolling back your world to a certain point is an important feature and we're working hard on that too.

        I wasn't insinuating that Minefold did not know what RAM was.

        I was stating that someone wishing to run a minecraft server, who didn't know what RAM is, does not possess the knowledge required to do so successfully.

        I'm sorry if the tone of my original post was a bit sarcastic. I think the comments were directed more at people who wished to host a MC server than towards Minefold.

        I appreciate Minefold is trying to simplify the process of hosting your own minecraft server. I'm just not sure that it is that simple.
        Running a server is not a walk in the park and imo the person running the server should know what they are doing. Including what RAM is.

        Even "trusted friends" can have a change of heart and ruin entire worlds on a vanilla server.
        You cannot make a vanilla server "just right". Vanilla servers are simply not safe multiplayer environments in my personal experience.
        A rollback feature would certainly go a long way towards a fix for this issue.

        On another note, the website seems quite sparse and devoid of useful information.

        The main page is simply a title splash with 6 bullet points and a link to signup. The signup page itself contains no real information either. The "about" section tells me about Dave and Chris when I want to know 'about' minefold, its specs and what the service actually does/provides.

        Does the service provide remote/console access for server administration?

        Good luck with the hosting service =D

          LtHeli - I think you're missing the point of the service.
          Remote/console access?

          Minefold exists so that players who just want to play Minecraft, can get into a community (call it hosting) without giving a damn about remote access; worrying about RAM & any other complications.

          Someone has to know about it, though, and Minefold's service is to remove that knowledge requirement from me, the player.

          So I don't think Minefold is trying to "simplify the process of hosting your own Minecraft server". They are completely removing the need for you to even know what a server is. You are joining a community of Minecraft worlds.

          I was going to write to the Minefold guys (I'm defending but I'm not one of them) & suggest something to make their advertising clarify this... since I've seen a few nerdy guys ask questions like this in comments.

          If Minefold has got their "play-Minecraft-with-your-friends-and-thats-all" service right, you can completely forget about servers & just enjoy the game.

          If you need to know what the server's processor & RAM are & how to get remote access, then Minefold is probably not for you.

    If I make a Pro account, can my friends join the server without an account? Is the price $12 month per person or per server?

    I would have hoped that a company started by 2 aussies would actually host in Aus...

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