Miyamoto: Super Mario 3D World Is Inspired By Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario 3D Land is a game that should be inspiring some modicum of hype among Nintendo fans, but it seems as though excitement levels are a little flat. That may say more about the problems of the 3DS more than anything, but in a recent interview with Famitsu (translated by 1up) Miyamoto claimed that Super Mario 3D takes a lot of inspiration from Super Mario Bros. 3 — a game thought by many to be the greatest Mario game ever created.

"New Mario has Super Mario World at its core, and this game has Mario 3. Part of that is because a lot of the staff is from the Mario 3 generation, but there's also the fact that Mario's falling speed is cut down a fair bit in the 3D titles," said Miyamoto.

"It's more fun to have him zoom down in the side-scrolling titles, and it's more fun to make it a lighter sort of thing in 3D. That's why implementing the Tanooki stuff made more sense here."

Originally Miyamoto wanted to step back from the development of Super Mario 3D World, but ended up getting a little more involved.

"I've been working alongside the producer Yoshiaki Koizumi for a pretty long time," he explains, "so 3D Land is being made with him overseeing a group of younger directors. I kept my distance from the project at first, but became more deeply involved midway — I don't think it'd be satisfying as a Mario game to everyone unless I made myself known on the little details."

Shigeru Miyamoto on Super Mario 3D Land [1up]


    This can only be a good thing, as Mario 3 is by far my favorite Italian plumber platformer.

      Yeah! I know there was a lot of love for SMW, but SMB 3 was my favourite by far. I think I still know most of the hidden bits and stuff from World 1. Hidden flutes, the white blocks, all that.
      Ah, childhood.

        SMB3 for sure; it was my first NES game and it was a perfect time, except for not being able to save the game! Because of that I only really saw level one of world 3. Super Mario All Stars on the Wii changed that though.

    Umm im a Nintendo fan & pretty excited about Mario Land 3D, & so are alot of others too im sure. Just because the game isnt being shoved down your throat like most games these days are. It will still sell massive numbers. the only thing that im not excited by is that this comes out the same day as Skyward Sword lol im not made of money!!

    I'm excited, it's the white noise from the majority of gamers for the likes of more wide-releasing titles.

    "hi, I'd like to pre-order Super Mar-"

    "Oh dude, what about the special doodad edition of Loud Obnoxious Sweary Violence 5"

    I still think they should've put the 3D at the end... Super Mario Land 3D. Sounds better no?

      Pretty much every 3DS game has "3D" on the end of it, so I suppose they wanted to make it a bit different? It's hardly that much different though. xD

      Anyway as good as this game looks, it'll have to wait until next year sometime. Skyward Sword and Mario Kart take precedence over this (Not to mention things like Uncharted 3, Skyrim, etc).

      I think they're wanting to avoid confusion of this being a 3D version of Super Mario Land, as it would appear to be at first glance if it were called "Super Mario Land 3D".

      As for me, I'll admit I'm not all that excited. I've had a go of it at the Connection Tour, and I didn't really "get it". There wasn't much to grab me, and it just kinda felt like I was going through the motions really. Also I feel like I'm getting kind of immune to the 3D effect. That or they're just toning it down in all the games so that even when you turn it up full-blast it's not all that strong.

    I hope it has as much secret stuff and crazy costumes as Mario 3.

    That frog costume and jumping around in a giant sock was crazy!

    Super Mario 3 inspired this? Is shiggy really Captain Obvious' alter ego?

    If it was on normal DS not 3DS I'd be buying it.

    Awesome super mario 3 was excellent hopefully that this lives up to the hype.
    still not sold on 3ds though

    I played it at the EB expo and it did seem to have many things from 3.

    Isn't the title of the article wrong? Super Mario 3D World?

    Super Mario 3D Land is inspired by Super Mario Bros. 3? I had no idea, except for the Tanooki Suit, Airships, Similar Overworld Theme, Boom Boom, Note Blocks, 2D Power-up system, and the Time Limit. Masterful Deduction, Sherlock.

    Hope you can jump in the Goomba Boot for the whole game. That thing was epic.

    Yes!! Finally something else to play on my 3DS apart from Zelda. Currently waiting for this, Mario Kart, and Skyward Sword.



    *feels like it's been forever since anything of substance has been released*

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