Modern Classics Reborn On NES Cartridges

Cult classic PlayStation 2 game Okami got a Wii port. It never got a NES version, because that system was well before the game's time. But what if it did?

Website 72pins reckons that the game's 8-bit cartridge would look something like this. It also reckons that you can buy this mock-up for US$20.

Other what-if NES cartridges include God of War, Dead Space, and Shadow of the Colossus. Some, such as Halo and Katamari Damacy, are sold out.

Other cartridges, such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Resident Evil, are forthcoming.

The cartridges do not contain the actual NES versions of the game, but rather, a random playable NES title.

Don't let that stop you from playing NES Killzone — in your head.

72pins [Official Site via it8bit]


    some 8-bit games to go with them... now that would be something.

    Cool pictures from a retro aspect but I don't see those being the image that would've been put on a NES cartridge. :S

      Yeah, they really don't fit the kind of illustration that was generally used on the carts, to be really nitpicky. It's sort of a nice idea, but the way it's executed here is pretty boring, to be honest.

      That being said, the Katamari one is objectively pretty adorable.

      I'm an adult man. I don't care who knows it.

      Some games had the pixel art on the carts, but that doesn't worry me, I think all of them look pretty damn cool.

      Love the Okami one

        Of course some had the pixel art much like our beloved mario bros but the pixel art on these looks far more like SNES cutscenes than anything. Save for the Halo one, I think that was rather spot on.

    This is a good idea, but none of these look like they would actually be NES labels from the 80s... which I think kinda defeats the point.

    For instance, pixellating the God of War III cover and slapping it on a NES cartridge does not a 'NES demake of God of War cartridge' make...

    Good idea though.

    This is so pointless even just in concept, but for what insane reason would somebody spend $20 buying a blank cartridge with a fake label? How do you explain that to a guest who sees it on your shelf?

      It is pretty dumb. But it's not technically 'blank'... it's a random playable NES game, just with a switched out label. So it's kind of a crazy gamble for 20 bucks...
      You could end up with Metroid... or you could get some kind of LJN garbage-game. :-P

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