Modern Warfare 3's Singleplayer Redemption

Seen here is a new single-player trailer for upcoming shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It's called Redemption.


    man i hope the whole game doesn't have that kind of pacing way to over the top, also their engine is really showing its age these days

      It'll be at that pace and more. CoD is all about over the top action and cut scenes that seem to be long than the game play.

    Looks like it'll be an excellent romp. To disagree with j-man, it looks like they've optimised the graphics even further. While the polycount on the 3rd person weapons isn't too crash hot, the character models and the level of detail in ol' Price's beard has jumped significantly.

    Am I the only one who likes the single player in CoD games? Lately they have been sub par, along with onine multiplayer, but the early games are still the best IMO. Call of duty 2 and 3 were EPIC! I'll play those games again anyday over the newer ones. It ain't what it used to be...

      I loved COD4 and MW2, I expect MW3 to be a decent end to the trilogy though I am concerned that it might not have the same spark after the whole Infinity Ward/Activision fallout.

      I thought [email protected] was pretty average, and Black Ops was terrible.

      No. I'm wanting to see the end (hopefully) of the story even if it is pretty shallow to begin with.

      How many of the player controlled characters do you reckon are going to be killed on screen this time. :P

        I have a sinking feeling they're going to kill off Price. If we play as Price at any time that isn't a flaskback, I expect to die.

    Hmmm that soundtrack in that trailer sounds like its trying that iconic BF3 trailer ending sound.

    That engine is really showing its age indeed, they haven't really worked on it. They have done the generic thing, new shaders and textures.
    This is due to the one year cycle. It takes a good 2-3 years just to make a new engine, it takes less if your willing to use someones else's engine.

    As long as there's a lot of SAS missions, they were the only good ones in the other Modern Warfares.

    looks like a hell of a ride Micheal bay movie on crack (thats not a bad thing)
    But i just came from playing the BF3 beta and the graphics on this dont look so good.

    Wow looks amazingly stupid...........pass for me

    Well, The way I see it. The game only looks 'old' during fast paced, somewhat 'high action' cut-scenes. However, during the slow and 'uneventful' cut-scenes, the graphics looked fine... Maybe you won't really be concentrating on graphics while your playing these high action' parts of the game anyway?

    I couldn't help but lol when i watched this, before i pressed play i said to myself "Theres going to be scenes of snow and a helicopter going down in it, it wouldn't be a Modern Warfare shooter if it didn't"

    And then they were :P

    Someone at Activision really needs to be more creative with there naming...

    It makes me laugh how everyone is having such an orgasm over BF3. To be honest, the graphics are the ONLY thing going for it. I'm sorry, but give me better gameplay for a campaign (there was an article here saying how boring single player was on BF3), and a faster paced multiplayer any day of the week. Black Ops marred the otherwise decent line-up that Call Of Duty normally provides. I'm looking forward to this WAY more than BF3. A game isn't all about graphics.

    Call of Duty's Engine is really not competitive any more. But yet hopeless fanboys will still buy this is the millions. *Sigh*

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