Now Goes To Modern Warfare 3’s Website

At last, the long, sordid saga of has come to an end, one month before the game’s release, with lessons learnt for all sides.

For Activision, it’s “register the goddamn domain before you announce the game”. (They appear to have taken this to heart.) For cybersquatters, it’s “Don’t be a dickclown and you can probably make a ton of cash selling a domain, instead of having it seized from you.”

To recap, Anthony Abraham got a lot of chuckles when it was discovered that he owned and, after setting up anti-MW3 rage site, then decided to just redirect the URL to Battlefield 3‘s official page. That got everyone’s attention, as Abraham’s ownership was concealed at the time and some thought it was shenanigans by Electronic Arts.

Thus roused, Activision sicced the lawyer-mans on Abraham, and that rarely ends well. Well, it did for Activision, which took control of the domain in early September. But wait! is still available!

Finally, points to official Call of Duty MW3 website [Fusible]

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