More Than 300 Tiny Indie Games In One Free Pirate Kart Bundle

More than 100 independent developers gather together more than 300 games they deemed not "big" or "polished" or "real" enough to be worth the entry fee for the 2012 Independent Games Festival awards into one massive bundle, and you can download and play it for free. Everybody wins!

At least I hope everybody wins. The 2012 IGF Pirate Kart is a chance for indie devs with tiny, unpolished and downright odd little games a chance at IGF award fame. It's a chance for these diamonds in the rough to shine in a competition generally geared towards more commercially viable product.

Hidden within the 1.36GB download are countless little gems scattered haphazardly over a bed of the strange, silly, and suck-worthy. I've played a dozen or so now, and so far my favourite is madamluna's My Secret Boyfriend, and short graphics-free adventure game that involves... well I'll just say it involves waste disposal.

Hit up the link below to grab the 2012 IGF Pirate Kart and then spend the afternoon staring incredulously at your monitor.

2012 IGF Pirate Kart [Official Page]


    i can see it on fox news tomorrow "game teachers children how to dispose of bodies"

    A list of the games would be fantastic. I've downloaded it but for people considering, a list would surely help.

        There's an even more up-to-date list at

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