Nabbed Game Burglar Tries A Mission Impossible

Remember that scene in Mission Impossible when Tom Cruise lowers himself down through a laser maze? Minus the lasers and the wire acerbatics, an unemployed 21-year-old named Yuuki Saitou tried a stealth entry of his own to swipe used games and consoles.

At around 2.15am in the morning on September 8 in Miyazaki Prefecture, Saitou entered a used goods shop through the ceiling. Once inside, he apparently attempted to steal 230 items that included game consoles and game software worth approximately the equivalent of $US7500. Saitou triggered the alarm system, and a shop staffer showed up on site and caught him.

According to the Yomiuri Online, Saitou intended to resell the goods. The police are currently investing to see if Saitou is involved in other crimes.

天井に穴開け侵入、ゲーム機など盗んだ疑い [Yomiuri Online via オレ的ゲーム速報]

Top photo: Andrew Medichini/AP



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