New Battlefield 3 Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer

New Battlefield 3 Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer

Finally, the chance to watch DICE’s shiny Frostbite 2 engine get put through its paces in nearly two minutes of multiplayer mayhem. The clip showcases action from all the multiplayer maps shipping on the disc.

The game’s massive destructibility looks like it’s going to radically change the experience of online warfare. One minute you’re in a building taking cover, the next, the building’s on you taking your life.

The trailer also lets viewers peek at part of the Back to Karkand expansnsion pack, which polishes up classic maps from Battlefield 2 for use in that game’s sequel.


  • Love that shot where the guy’s firing at the chopper right in his face. That’s what I hoped the beta would demonstrate to my COD-loving mates.

  • That looks pretty incredible.

    I love me a good Battlefield game, but the only thing I don’t like is they don’t seem to know how to handle netcode. If you get a good connection, it’s amazing.

  • The fact the the 2 biggest games battling it out this year are once again military shooters sucks ass. Also proves that gamers dont really want new experiences, just the same shit in a shiny new package. Fuck it

    • Another person with no interest in “just another modern warfare game” who nonetheless clicks into all the articles about it.

      Just learn to ignore certain articles on the main page! No one is forcing you to buy this game. There are other developers making other games. Don’t worry about it.

      • this page is about BF not MW, and thats not an argument anyway as we all know if you want the best point of view you need to see from all angles.

      • i understand your comment for MW3.

        but BF3 is something different. its actually pushing the bounderies of video games with its new frostbite 2 engine.

        it had to be stripped back a little to work for xbox AND PS3.

        you even have to (well its optional, but i dont know why you wouldnt) install high def texture packs onto your consoles so you can get even better quality graphics for the game, its totally pushing the bounderies.

        THAT is why this game is the biggest this year. not because its a shooter, but because nothing else is pushing as far as it is.

        MW3 though, thats just fanboyism, fk that.

    • not the two, two of the*
      dont forget Skyrim 🙂 dark souls too, countless others.. anyway moving on,

      having two massive shooters this year will pretty much guarantee next year will be another genres turn, at least we know there wont be another massive battlefield or MW (maybe MW, they do churn em out..), and dont forget GTA 5, if that pans out that could be GOTY

    • Skyrim; Arkam Asylum; Deus Ex.

      Who cares what the most popular game is. Except you.

      There are other things to play if you don’t like Battlefield.

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