New Syndicate Trailer Tries To Remind Us About The Old Syndicate Game

This new trailer for Starbreeze's upcoming Syndicate shooter tries to show the common ground between the 1993 original and this new reboot.

Those who really have no idea about Syndicate, but enjoyed Starbreeze's work on games like Riddick, it'll be interesting!

Those who enjoyed the original Syndicate and loathe the idea of a first-person shooter successor, you may not want to watch it.


    looks a bit a poor mans deus ex that being said I'll buy it because I buy anything scifi.

    Reminds me of johnny mneumonic

      might be because both were set in a cyberpunk setting.

      cyberpunk 2020 was the BEST pen and paper game - i personally think it was better than d&d anyways.

    Did they forget about Syndicate Wars?
    Surely that was the successor to Syndicate.

    At least it maintained the same gameplay.

    Looks pretty average.. That being said i'll grab it anyway, just not on release day.

    I'm a big fan of Cyberpunk so this game is interesting to me.

    I never played the original. To an extent I can understand why big fans of the original would be frustrated; clearly there are many FPS games on the market and other genres deserve some love.

    However, this game clearly has strategy and at least some intelligence involved in it. It isn't a full on FPS/RPG (like Deus Ex or the like) but it clearly is a "Shooter With Brains And Substance." And the atmosphere feels great so far.

    So I'm being cautiously optimistic.

    They used the same music for the Uncharted trailers.

    This appears to be the first real indication that they're actually worried about the negative kickback from the community over the hijacking of the name.

      You hit the nail on the head there

    Mmmm maybe. Still want to see reviews for this one.

    Dear EA. If you want fans of the original to buy it. Rename it.

    A lot of the new footage ticked all the same boxes as DXHR. Augmented humans. Bad Corporations. First person gaming. Infiltration.

    I'll keep an eye on it, since if they're feeding off the same vibe as DXHR and still make a good game, it's stilla good game.

    But I can't help but feel like they're really just cashing in, and not really reaching for anything original.

    What I heard was, "we have classified the first syndicate as a tactical shooter even though it wasn't to convince you our first person shooter is like it even though it isn't." What a croc, I honestly wouldn't have minded if they used the same ideas and renamed it anything but syndicate. The issue I have with naming it syndicate is there will never be an actual game that was like the original ever made because this one now exists.

    I never asked for this.

    I have fond memories of using the indoctrinator and having about 20 civilians as meat shields following me.
    Good times!

    Daft Punks: DeRezzed would really suit that trailer.

    You're not fooling anyone EA.

    Next, EA is reviving another classic franchise; get ready for Grim Fandango 2: Dead Lead, a visceral FPS action game with only the name in common with the original game.

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