Nintendo Adding Playable Demos To 3DS

We live in an era of demos and freemium games now and one thing that's probably hampered the fortunes of the 3DS game library is that users can't try anything before they buy it. There's no ability to sample and see if a title might be worth your ducats. After apparently getting requests from Nintendo's finally got the hint on this and a few other connectivity issues and will be rolling out features to beef up the services offered through eShop and the web.

In remarks made during the company's semi-annual financial results briefing, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said that developers and publishers will finally be able to have demos available on the Nintendo eShop. Along with that comes the ability to offer what Nintendo's calling "add-on content". Demos can be locked to a certain number of trials, meaning that you probably won't be able to play a sample forever. And accessing those trial versions will get a little easier with the addition of sleep mode downloads.

Lastly, the House of Mario is prepping the eShop to be reachable via the web, specifically through PC and smartphone. But, you won't be able to purchase software via web interface initially and will instead be taken to a product page in the 3DS web browser after taking a picture of a QR code. Full purchase functionality is planned for the future. These moves might be the first steps in closing the gap between the 3DS and smartphones, making it more of a connected device and less of an isolated, one-way client. At the very least, these changes show that Nintendo's listening to feedback and trying to implement it.

Semi-Annual Financial Results Briefing [Nintendo]


    I think accessing the eShop via a browser/smartphone is an excellent idea. I'd be awesome to be able to buy games on your computer, and the 3DS could download/install in sleep mode ready for when you want to play it.

    I think they need to have realistic prices on the eShop before they do anything. Paying twice the price of what Americans pay for DLC that's not even available in retail stores is a joke, an extremely unfunny one. Unless this is rectified I still plan on never using the eShop.

    Pricing is certainly an issue. It's why I haven't bought the VC games - I will not pay $9 for Zelda when it's $6 in the US.

    But releasing demos in the estore is an excellent idea! A step in the right direction.
    With regards to the shop access on PC and smartphone - I hope it leads to an actual Nintendo Account system of some sort, though I think it's more likely that you would have to type in your 3DS friend code or the serial number on the bottom of the 3DS to link it online.

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